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What is the purpose of a colony
To make the mother country more powerful
What is primary industry
Raw Materials
What is secondary industry
finished product
Why were restrictions put on the colonies' manufacturing
Not allowed to compete with mother country
The colonies's shipping was restricted how?
They were only allowed to use british ships
How were the colonies restricted in buying and selling?
They buy from england & only sell to england
What is the enumerated goods list?
Goods that could be only bought from england
What are some of the advantages the colonies had?
-Shipping industry was good
-Bounty on certain products
-Black Market
What is a Bounty?
Payments made to stimulate the production of certain goods
What were some of the disadvantages the colonies had?
-Manufactoring & Shipping restrictions
-Trade restrictions
What is Salutary neglect?
Purposefully looking the other way on certain crimes such as the black market.
By the early 1700s the colonists began to change, why?
1. 3rd to 6th generation of colonists
2. Some people never saw and weren't from britain
3. Population doubling every 25-30 years
4. Each colony is very independent
In 1760 who is the new enlish king?
George III
How do the majority of the colonists feel about George III?
They dislike him and even call him Farmer George
What are some of the reasons the colonists had to stay together with england?
- Defence from indians
- Defence from spain
- Defence from france (main threat)
The French and Indian war was a part of what bigger war?
7 years war 1754-1763
What are some of the advantages of the british during the French and Indian War?
-More colonists 2-3 to 1 ratio
What were some of France's advantages?
-One unified colony (British colonies were 13 very independent colonies)
Most of the indians sided with the french, which specific tribe differed and sided with the british?
Who was the Albany Plan organized by?
Ben Franklin
What was the Albany Plan?
7 colonies met and the plan was to help each colony fight for eachother.
How does the Albany plan do?
It fails
in 1758 who is the new war minister of britain?
William Pitt
When quebec fell in 1759 what 2 generals died and what country did each belong?
-Kalm- France
-Wolf- British
What was the treaty to the french and indian war and what were the reparations?
-Peace of Paris 1763
-Britain secured largest amount ever given to a country as a result of a peace treaty (everything but france and a few islands in the carribean)
What were some of the negative after effects on British?
- low on money so they tried to tax the colonies more
Who was the new Finance minister and what does he do?
- George Grenville
- All he does is enforce laws that were already in effect
What were writs of assistance?
search warrants?
What was the big deal behind the sugar act of 1764?
-lowered the price of the sugar tax but now it was enforced
What was the currency act?
forbid the colonies from having their own paper money
What was new on the Stamp act of 1765?
stamp on 54 new items
What was the townsend act?
a tax on..
In the end what happened to the townsend act?
every thing was cancelled except tea
What was the major indian rebellion in 1763?
Pontiac's rebellion
What was the proclaimation of 1763?
all settlements west of applachians must be stopped and ceased
Courtering act of 1765?
Every colonist had to provide barracks for soldiers
Since we defied the new restrictions what did british do?
-Took govorner salary away from the assembly
- Precented NY and Mass from meeting except one day a year
What was Patrick Henry's reason for us to rebel?
No taxation without representation
What did the colonists do in retaliation of the stamp act?
They boycotted british goods
Was the stamp act ever taken away?
What was put in its Place and what did it do?
The declatory act,
Full power over the colonies
who were the sons of liberty?
A terrorist movement
What happened in the Boston Massacre?
5 colonists die
Cryspus attucks- A black dock worker died amongst the group
What was the gaspee affair?
Colonists burned HMS Gaspee
What was the committee of correspondence?
information network in the colonies (worked kind of like the pony express)
Which company was given monopoly over all the tea trade and relieved of taxes in america?
East india company
Why did this upset the colonists?
Upset many prominent black market tea sellers?
What was the boston tea party?
The sons of libery threw 75000 dollars worth of tea into the boston harbor
What were the intolerable acts?
Came from a direct result of the boston tea party
-closed boston ports till tea was paid for
-british soldiers would not be tried in us courts
-troops in Mass could be quarted anywhere
-only one gov meeting a year in massachusetts
What was the quebec act?
-French canadians got religious freedom and self gov
-Borders of canada extended to ohio river
What happened in philidephia 1774?
1st continental congress.
-all colonist but georgia showed up
-petitioned king for relief from intolerable acts
-cut off all trade w/ britain
-pledge loyalty to the kind
-start war preparations
In 1774 boston was occupied militarily by what british general?
Thomas Gage
Gage got word of colonists ammasing weapons in concord what did he do?
Sent 700 soldiers to destroy arsonel
Who were the colonists allerted by?
Williams Dows, Samuel Prescot, Paul Revere
Where did the british run into american minute men and how many americans died?
8 americans died
When the set concord weapons on fire what happened on the way back?
250 british soldiers were killed
What did the colonists do afterwards?
They mobilized and beseiged boston
Where do the british then attack the colonists?
Breeds hill (not bunker hill)
Who wins breed's hill and what was signifigant about this battle?
The british
-bloodiest battle
What was the olive branch petition?
The Colonists complained everything but blamed it on king's ministers
What happened at the 2nd continental congress?
-asked colonies for supplies
-sendt agents/diplomats to france
-encourage rebellion of french canadians
-georger washington elected commander & cheif
Montgomery takes what french base?
What city does he then take over and what is his fate?
He wins at montreal
-Montgomery dies
America Cant take quebec so..?
Canada remains in british hands throughout the war
What does the king call americans? And what does he do?
-blockade's east coast
What pamphlet was released on January 3rd, 1776?
common sense by thomas pane
What did the pamphlet say?
Blamed george III for the problems
"tis time to part"
March 1776 what happened at botson?
Washington brought cannons fron ticonderoga and aims them at dorchester heights so the british leave boston
Who is charge of what army?
Washington- Us
William howe- British
What does richard henry lee do june 7th 1776 at the 2nd continental congress
introduces 1st resolution calling for independence
Who are the 5 authers of the dec of independence?
- John Adams
-Roger Sherman
-Robert Livingston
- Ben Franklin
-Thomas Jefferson
When was Dec of Ind it submitted and when was it passed?
Submitted - july 2nd
Passed - July 4th
What did the declaration of independence do?
-explain philosoph of our govornment
What did it mean to sign declaration of indep
signing your addmittance to treason
Who was john hancock
Prez of Continental COngress
What is a good assessment of the british?
-Govornment - most powerful
-Money - more than anyone
-dicaplined troops
-best navy
How did american colonies feel about indep?
-1/3 for
-1/3 against
-1/3 didn't care
What is assesment of US
-Battle Style
-home turf
- not popular war in britian
- out leadership was good
Who were hessains
Hired german soldiers
We hold these truths to be self evident means..?
That it should be obvious without explination
In dec of ind Man means?
Man - White male property owners
Life liberty and persuit of happiness was originally written and written by?
Life, liberty, property
By John Locke
What is a social contract?
Govornment exists to protect the people's rights
What is the right of revolution?
People have the right to alter abolish the govornment
What right is for defence of the people?
Right to own a gun
What is the greviences part of the dec of indep
-List of what george the 3rd has done to us
-Explain to the world why we are the exception to the rule
What is the resolution?
It states we are free
1 2...?
4 5...?
7 8...?