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Stamp Act
no taxation without representation
use on all offical materials
a huge cost in anyone in society
no one to voice colines
commity of correspondance
made a commity, way of talking between coloines without government
Boston Tea Party
coloists threw tea into the water, colonists dressed up as indians and tear into the water, why cuz tea was valible to ritish cuz high taxes on tea, east india-produced tea owned by british
tariff was an tax on imported goods
Battles of Lexton and Concord
colonists were fed up with the british soldiers, why cuz british took away all colonists weapons so they couldn't revolt
Townshend Acts
tax on glass, bottles, paint
hurts everyone...all coloinists
taxs on good used to make things like build a house u need paint
tas on things used to produce
Intolerable Acts
when british took someones tea, king george 3 and shut down Boston Harbor
Boston Massacre
someone thinks heard a gun shot, 4 ppl died, and a ton of soldiers, threw snowballs and rocks at soliders, crispus attacks= 1st to die was a black freed slave
turns into a huge trial conlonists accuse soliders john adams defends colonists and they win
Summany of all events so far:
British thought they could controle the coloints by setting taxes but instead the coloinst just revolted more
Federalists were in favor of:
checks and balances-to protect from tyrany
balance of power between states and the national gov.
for constitution
Federalists opposed to:
bill of rights
antifederalists- Sam adams, Pat henry
samll government
Anti- Federalists in favor of:
Pat Henry, Sam Adams, Fichard Henry Lee
got support in rual aresas, ppl saw little benfit from strong gov. which might have led to taxation
freedom of press, religion, rite to jury trial and unreasonabe searches of their homes and people
Anti federalists opposed too:
strong central gov.= taxation
constition with out the bill of rights
checks and balances
Amendment # 1-3
1. freedom to... speech, press, religion, and assembling
2. right to bear arms
3. quarting troops in a time of peace u cant' house soliders demand to house them unless in a war
Amendment 4-8
4. right to the ppl to refuse to have their home searched w/out a warrent
5. found inocent after court then find new exidence later, cant be tried again, cant take you land
6. right to a speedy trial, w/ a jury
7. right to a trial by jury in civil cases
8. limits of fines and punishments
Amendments 9-10
9. right to privacy
10. power of states and people, start = law if government does not
how bill of rights came about?
antifeds throught wanted to protect indivual rites
antifeds afraid of entering a gov. that they had just abolished= wanted indivual rites (central gov. not to be abusive)