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Humayun Ruled for
1530 - 1556
Difficulties faced by Humayun.
1. He had to consolidate Baur's empire and set up an administrative structure.

2. Bahadur Shah of Gujarat threatened Delhi.

3. Humayun had to look after his brothers but they created many problems for him.

4.Sher Shah, an able and ambitious general, was creating problems for Humayun.
Places allotted to Humayun's brothers.
Kamran got Kabul and Kandahar.

Askari got Sambhal.

Hindal got Alwar and Mewat.
Encounter with Bahadur Shah.
Bahadur Shah of Gujarat was threatening Humayun.

Humayun marched to Malwa and Bahadur Shah fled.

He conquered Malwa and Gujarat for a short time.
Battle of Chausa
Between Humayun and Sher Shah the Afghan chief from Bihar in 1539.

Humayun lost.
Battle of Kanauj
In 1540 AD between SherShah and Humayun along with his brothers.
Reconquest of Northern India
IN 1555 AD.

With the help of Shah Of Iran Humayun conquered Kabul and Kandahar.

From Kabul Humayun attacked Punjab and defeated the successors of Sher Shah.

He ruled over Agra again.
I am the brother of Humayun who was in Kabul.
I am the water carrier who saved Humayun's life.
Qualities of Humayun.
Lacked political forsight and the skills to overcome problems.

Indecisive and pleasure-loving..

Capable soldier and a loving brother.

Learned man - great knowledge of Astrology and mathematics.

wrote verses.