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Who were the Big three? Name and country?
USA- FDR/Truman
Russia- Stalin
Great Britian- Churchill
What agreement did they reach in February of 1945?
1) Occupation of Germany
2)Russia would allow free elections in the land they took in Europe
3)Russia would help USA fight Japan in exchange for Asain land
How was Germany going to be occupied and controlled after the war?
Split into four sections (Russia, G.B., USA, France)
What was the United Nations?
A group of nations to settle world disputes (prevent wars)
What did Stalin and communist Russia do?
Put coomi goverments in easterrn Europe (Poland, Romanina, Czech, Bulgaria, Yugoslovia, Hungary, East Germany)
Why did the USSR want to create communist countires in eastern Europe?
More power to influence the world, buffer zone to protect Russia
Where freedom ends and communism begins in Europe
Iron Curtain
Explain Truman;s response twords the Soviet agression
Containment- contain communism in important areas of the world (stop growing) military/ economics
We will help nations threatened by communism (worked in Greece and Turkey)
Truman Doctrine
plan to rebuild western Europe and make democracy strong
Marshall Plan
What did the Soviets do in Berlin? How did Truman respond?
Berlin was divided into four parts and Russia closed the city to all goods coming to it
Cold war
two countries or groups that oppose each other but don't fight directly (USA or USSR)
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (USA, Canada, G.B., and 9 Euro countires) Attack on one is considered attack on all
Eastern communist countries and Russia NATO pact
Warsaw Pact
_________ was given independent rule in 1946 after the US controlled them since the Spanish American War.
Discribe who claimed Palestine and what happened there? Why is this still a problem today?
Jews and Arabs- UN and the world said the Jews could settle, their turmoil still continues
What happened in China in 1949? How?
Chinese civil war- Soviets backed Communism, US backed democracy (defeated USA)
Where did those fighting communism retreat to?
Tiawan- still claims independence although China rules over them
Why did prices go up after WW2?
Demand caused inflation
What labor problems occoured in the US after the war?
people wanted better wages/working conditions
Fair deal?
domestic reform to solve Americas economic problems
How did each party feel about buisness and labor unions?
Republicans- favored big buisness and limit Union power
Democrats- favored the common people/unions
collected info about parts on the world (spy)
National Security Act
put all parts of military under the Department of Defense (Pentagon)
Breifly describe the election of 1948
Dewey led entire race and papers even proclaimed him the winner before all the votes were tallied; Truman won re-election
What was the plan for the occupation of Japan?
USA would occupy, Mc Carthur was in charge of everything
-Punish military leaders and disarm
-Lost all colonies and territory
-Form a democratic goverment
N. Korea wanted to do what after WW2?
unite Korea under one communist goverment
Why did commi N. Korea attack S. Korea in 1950?
To achive their goal
Did N. Korea listen to the UN order to withdraw?
Who did Truman send to defeat N. Korea and Unify the country?
Mc Carthur led the US and UN troops (500,000)
Why did the war end in a stalemate?
Neither side gained teritory, Allies had slight victory
How was the war "conflict" ended?
Country was split up at the 38th degree paralell as a DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)
What was the Red Scare?
The fear of communism spies in American goverment
Who was Joseph Mc Carthy?
Governer who accused many people of communism with little or no evidence
How did Americans feel about Truman as he left the office?
He wasn't very popular, glad to see him go
Ten years later how did people look at Truman's presidency?
Most people thought he did a good job based on the circumstances
________ was how much a nice middle class home cost after the war
What was the baby boom?
lots of babies that were born after World War 2 (25 million babies in 15 years)
How many people died in Russia? What did they vow would never happen again?
20 million, to be unprotected and vulnerable
How many countries did we have troops in? Did isolationist attitudes continue?
20 countries, No
What was the first major confrontation in the Cold War?
Berlin wwas cut off from the free world
_________was what supplied the city of Berlin from the German blockade
airplanes, Berlin Airlift
_________Americans died in the Korean War
over 50,000
Why did John Mc Cain beleieve that many Americans ignored the war?
Other side of the world, many didn't think it was a threat
What did Joseph Mc Carthy claim?
Communists were in our goverment
What did Mc Carthur want to do when the war was a stalemate in 1951?
Use more wepons including nuclear warfare
The_________bomb was tested in 1952 and was_____times more poweerful than the bomb dropped on Hirojima
hydrogen, 1,000x