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Mike Mansfield
limited involvment in Vietnam
won't be stable
juan bosch
elected leader of Dominican Republic
U.S overthrows him
William Westmoreland
promote attrition: kill and wear out equipment to win war in vietnam
Robert McNamara
north Vietnam won't quit
Robert F. Kennedy
shot by Palestinian Arab b/c of Israel support
eugene McCarthy
promote peace, antiwar
no share podium
Hubert Humphrey
easily beat McCarthy in elections
George Wallace
head of American Independent Party
Henry Kissinger
national security advisor to Nixon
abandon detente policy
salvador allende
preisdent of Chile
Augusto Pinochet
put in as leader of Chile by U.S
bay of pigs
where anti-castro exiles land in Cuba
apollo program
boost space exploration
berlin wall
separate communists and capitalists in Berlin
allaince for Progress
aid to latin America to put them under U.S sphere of incluence
agency for international development
economic aid for foreign assistance (general)
Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles
nuclear weapons
increase around the world
cuban missile crisis
climax of cold war
south vietnamese insurgents (like north)
army of the republic of Vietnam
south vietnam army
lead by Ho Chi Minh