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Who was in the congress of vienna?
the Great Powers - Russia, Prussia, Austria, and Great Britain
Why did the congress meet?
to confirm their victory over france
what is diplomacy?
is the making of agreements by officials to establish peace.
who is Klemens von Metternich?
Foriegn MInister of AUstria and head guy of the congress of vienna
Why was these years called the Age of Metternich?
Because he had great influence on European politics.
What where metternich's three goals? strengthen states around france restore rulers bakc to their thrones which napoleon had taken
3. to restore balance of power
how was metternich linked to austria?
was linked to the hapsburgs of austria - in same blood line.
how did metternich feel about democracy and why?
distrusted and disliked it because he believed that napoleon's warlike dictatorship was the natural result of experiments with democracy
how did the congress bring europe back together?
restored the balance of power by redrawing the maps and giving the countries that had suffered from the dictatorship of napoleon back their lands but making it fair for france
- legitimacy - restoring the rule of the states that napoleon took back to the rulers
- compensation - strengthening the states and around france
how did the countries feel about what the congress of vienna did?
no coutnry was left bearing a grudge
what is conservatism?
protecting the existing traditional forms of goverment
what is liberalism?
movement to give more power to elected pariliament
what is radicalism?
facored drastic change and if necessary violent change
how did the conservatives control europe?
- Prussia, Russia and Austria formed a HOly Alliance that promised that they would help one another if any of them were threatened by reformers fo revolutionaries
- also britain was the only one with a true contitutional monarchy and only men who owned a great amount of property were allowed to vote.
why was there tension in france?
bourbon dynasty ruler with the chamber of deputies, only 1 of 300 men could vote divided politically - conservatives thought rule in france was fine
liberals thought that more power should be given to the chamber
radicals plotted to over throw the bourbons once and for all cause wanted france democratic.
what is nationalism?
the belief that ones loyalty was to its country
what is a nation?
is a gorup of people who share similar traditions, history, and language
what is a nation-state?
if a nation is united under its own government
who were the only nation-states?
spain and france
what originally began modern nationalism?
french revolution
what originally began modern nationalism?
french revolution
who was the government that greece was under rule?
ottoman empire - the turks
what began the indepence of Greece?
major revolt - 1821
what were the two advantages of the greeks?
one - the cause of greek indepdence was popular
two - the ottoman army weak
why did the europeans help the greeks gain indepedence?
b/c respected the greek culture