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line between natives and colonist
why did the king tax the colonists
war dept
the act to house soldiers
quartering act
name of king
george III
type of government in britain
first direct tax
stamp act
a refuse to buy
secret society that protest the british
sons of liberty
leader of the sons of liberty
sam adams
british search warrant for smuggled goods
rits of assistance
a freed slave who was killed
crispic attucks
a lawyer who represented british soldiers of the boston massacre
john adams
john adams believed in ___
the rule of law
the colony that did not atend the first continental congress
famous spy
paul revere
"if this be treason than lets make the most of it"
patrick henry
if you are a colonist that supports the king you are a ___
who stole cannons
ethan allen
accomplishments of the 2nd continental congress
DOI, commision of continental congress, GW
author of common sence
thomas paine
purpose of common sence
to persuade colonists to be patriots (tip the scale)
why did they lose the bunker
they ran out of amo
author of DOI
thomas jefferson
why did they chose TJ to write the DOI
the best writer, and he was from virginia
Famous quote from the DOI
all men are created equal
the 3 unaliable rights
life, liberty, happiness
passage of the DOI was admitted
abolish slavery
why was abolishing slaverey disapproved from the DOI
because the south woulndt aprove the DOI
what do you have the right to do if the goverment fails
over power
who signed the DOI big
John handcock
what was the last written attempt of peace
olive branch petition
why did john handcock sign so big
so the king could read it with out his spectacles
why did they pick GW to lead the army
his physical features, experienced, from virginia
crime againsts ones country
emergency military, armed cillvians