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_____ _____ drove the machines during the early stages of the Industrial Revolution.
Water Power
Waterpowere represented an ___________ ____ _____ _____ but it did have problems.
improvement over human power
The water flow could vary with _______.
A factory had to be located beside a _____ _____.
steam river
Often factories were not located near
1. ___ materials
2. labor ______
3. _______
People found a more continuous,dependable and portable source through the _____ _____.
steam power
Who created the engine that was used to pump water to mines?
Thomas Newcome
What year did Thomas Newcome invent his engine?
What did Thomas Newcome engine's do?
Pumped water from mines
Thomas Newcome's engine was a _____ engine.
The crude engine was ____ and _________ to operate.
slow & expensive
What was James Watt?
A Scottish instrument maker and engineer
What did James Whatt do?
Made several improvement to the steam engine
What did James Watt use to create steam?
Heated water with coal
THe Textile Industries quickly adopted the Watt engine to the New ________ & _______ Machines.
Spinning & Weaving.
Steam replaced ______ as industrys most powerful source.
Becuase of ______, it was possible to create factories anywhere.
The inventions of more machines produced a great demand for more ____.
It was discovered that ____ worked better than wood or charcoal.
Who had large amount of the resources needed?
Why did many early steel engines explode?
Because the iron used to build them couldn't stand the high resources of steam.
Steel is _______________
iron with certain impurities removed.
In the early 1800s the process to make steel was too slow & ________.
Who developed a difficient method of making steel?
William Kelly
Henry Bessimer
What was the method of making steel by William Kelly and Henry Bessemer called?
Bessemer Process
What did the Bessemer Process Involve?
Forcing air through the molten iron to burn out carbon and other impurities.
What positive things did the Bessemer process do?
Greatly reduced the time needed to turn iron into steel and this produced inexpensive steel.
Becuase of the Bessemer Process, the price of Steel _________ ________.
dropped rapidly
What was produced from the Power Driven Machinery?
1. Shoes
2. Clothing
3. Paper
4. Lumber
5. Ammunition
When did the Oil industry develop?
After 1850
Why did people start the Oil Industry?
Becuase they were discourage w/ how to use crude oil or petroleum oil to produce Parrafin for candles.
What was transformed by the Industrial Revolution?
What happened to raods w/ thick dust in dry weather?
They Blurred.
What happened to roads when it rained?
They were buried in slirry mudd when it rained and made travel difficult.
How far could a passanger in a stage coahc travel in 1 day?
50 miles
What made less progress in a days journey?
Packed Horses & Clumsy Wagons
What made improved transportation necessary?
What did factories require the delivery of?
Raw materials
Who worked on a new way of building roads?
John McAdam
How did John McAdam improve roads?
He put layers of carefully selected small stones atop a road bed of large stones.
The stone roads were called _________ Roads.
What is used to today to bind roads together?
What did Britain have that served as highways?
Networks of Rivers
What would eventually be turned toward transportation?
Steam Power
What connected rivers?
What made the production of Canals increase?
Engineers using locks or gates to regulate the level & flow of water
When were many canals built?
Between 1760 & 1850
Who established the first regular inland steamboat service?
Robert Fulton
Who had the "Clermont"?
Robert Fulton
What was Robert Fulton's boat called?
The Clermont
Where was the Clermont launched?
Hudson River, 1807
Where did the Clermont take regular trips to?
Albany & NYC
What year did the Great Western cross the Atlantic Ocean?
What was the name of the ship operated compant that crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 15 days?
Great Western
What ocean did teh Great Western cross?
How many days did it take the Great Western to cross the Atlantic Ocean?
What textbook pages should you be reading?
494 - 497