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a new, militant political movement that emphasized loyalty to the state and obedience to its leader. No clearly defined theory or program
the german brad of fascism - the national socialist german workers party
Benito Mussolini
A newspaper editor and politician, founded fascist party in 1919, became Il duce, abolished democracy and outlawed all political parties other than Fascism dictator of Italy
Adolf Hitler
a little known political leader whose early life had been marked by disappointment volunteered for the german army and was twice awarded the iron cross for bravery
Mein Kampf
A book that hitler wrote setting forth his beliefs and goals for germany, stated germans were master race and that non germans suc as Jews Slavs and Gypsies were inferior and called the versailles treaty an outrage. declared germany was overcrowded
living space that hitler promised by conquering eastern europe and russia
an economic system in which private individuals and business' firms carry on the production and exchange of goods and services through a complex network
form of government in which the people rule
a system of government and ideology in which all social political economic intellectual cultural and spiritual activites are subordinated to the purposes of the rulers of a state
An economic system where all goods created are owned by the people of the society and there are no personal properties, goods and products are shared
giving in to an aggressor to keep peace
axis powers
three powers including Germany, Italy and Japan branched off of the rome-berlin axis, hitler and mussolini made an alliance and japan jumped in creating axis powers
Fransico Franco
created nationalist party and lead the spanish in a revolt because hitler and mussolii decided to attack spain
The belief that political ties to other courtries should be avoided
Third Reich
The German Empire
muich conference
Moussolini's proposed meeting of Germany, France, Britain and italy in Munich germany.
held on september 29 1938
Mussolini comming to power
founded the fascist party in 1919 after vowing to give italy strong leadership. as economic conditions worsened his popularity increased finally he critized italys government - fascist attacked communists and scoilalists on the streets. in october 1922 fascists stormed rome and demanded that moussolini would be put in charge, he then took power. he abolished democracy and had secret police jail his opponents he sought to control economy by allying fascists with the industrialsists and large landowners.