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Josph Stalin
Intent on extending his power into war-torn Central Europe
Averill Harriman
Warned that Communist ideology was more dangerous then Natzism
George Marshall
Produced a plan that would finance the reconstruction of the European economy after WW2
Geroge Kennan
Oppsed advancing beyond the 38th parelle; during the Korean War
Omar Brandley
A showdown with the Chinese would involve us in the wrong war
Ho Chi Minh
Communist leader in Vietnam harassing the French
Nikita Khrushchev
Leader of Russia after the death of Stalin
Ngo Dinh Diem
US backed leader of South Vietnam who was killed by his generals
Oveta Culp Hobby
First Secretary of the Department of health, education, and warfare
John F. Dulles
Called for the liberation of Iron Curtain countries
New Frontier
Term given to Presidents Kennedy's domestic program
Earl Warren
Chief Justice who directed an investigation of the kennedy assasination
Great Society
Term given to President Johnsons domestic program
Malcolm X
Black Muslim who advocated black nationalism
Henry Kissinger
Secretary of State for President Nixon
The "plumbers"
Men hired by Nixon to plug leaks of govenment material
John Dean
Implicated President Nixon in the Watergate cover-up
Barry Gold Water
Republican candidate for president in 1964
George Ball
Proposed the united states withdraw and accept the fall of South Vietnam
Eugene McCarthy
Democratic candidate for president in 1968
William Westmoreland
Commander of American forces in Vietnam
George Wallace
Presidential candidate in 1968 for the American independent party
Archibald Cox
Special prosecutor to investigate the Watergate affair
Spiro Agnew
Vice-president who resigns because of income tax fraud
Gerald Ford
Became president upon Nixons resignation
Douglas MacArther
Commander of UN forces in the Korean War until his Removal
Fair Deal
Term used to describe Trumans domestic policy
Joseph McCarthy
Senator who became the leading crusader against Communism in the early 1950's
Roe V. Wade
allowed abortion in the first trimester
Engle V. Vitale
Prayers in public schools were ruled unconstitutional
Escobedo V. Illinois
A defendent must be allowed access to a lawyer before being questioned by police
Miranda V. Arizona
Authorities must infrom a criminal suspect of their 5th and 6th amendment rights
Rosa Parks
Refused to give up her seat on a bus to white passenger
Domino Theory
If Vietnam became Communist, the rest of Asia would also fall under Communist control
Bay of pigs
An attack on Cuba to eliminate Castro and communism
James Meredith
First black to enroll at the university of mississipi
Affirmative Action
Recruited blacks for jobs to compensate for past injustices
Sandra Day O'Connor
First female justice of the Supreme Court
Sally Ride
First women astronaut to go into space
Nixons policy for winding down the war in Vietnam
Twenty-Sixth Amendment
Gave 19-year olds the right to vote
Geraldine Ferraro
Fist Women ever to be included on a presidential ticket
Norman Schwarzkopf
Commanded the UN forces in the Middle East during Operation Desert Storm
Colin Powell
Chairman of the American Joint Chiefs of Staff, he was the first bkack to occupy that position