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Funding at par
(1st way that hamalton to stableize country) Paying back at face value. *Exchange money for bonds (will give people back their money with interest)
Assomption of state debt
(2nd way that hamalton to stableize country) *take state debt off and put in federal government *does it in the form of bond *ingeneous way to tie states into supporting the governemtn... Best interest so they can get their bonds repaid
2 ways that hamalton raises money
Tarrif on imports and excise tax (whiskey)
Tarri on imports
*final price is higher than what it would normally be *raises money and people will buy more american goods *Farmers and lumbermen are unhappy because theyt lose money because people arnt buying less Foriegn goods
Excise Tax (whiskey)
the farmers bear the grunt because stillers cannot pay them
Bank of the United States
government and people can feel their money is safe. This was only given a short lifespan (20 years)
Thmoas Jefferson opposes Halmolton
say that bank is not in the constitution. 10th amendment says that if a law is not clearly set up then the states should handel it
Counter argument
does not say bank but it say that "necessary and proper clause (federal gov make any law necessary to carry out duties of federal gov.)
Strict construction
follows the constitution strictly
loose construction
loosely debates the constitution.. more than one meaning.. what the fore fathers would have done in the situation
Hamalton's deal with Jefferson
if you give us the go ahead on the bank then I will convice the president to movce the capitol to D.C.... Jefferson could not pass this up because it was in the antifederalist area
Whiskey Rebellion
President Washington's first true test. PA- group of farmers are upset about whiskey tax and refuse to pay and attack the tax agents. they felt like they were no different then the patriots...
Washingtons response to the whiskey Rebellion
he asks men to go to crush the rebellion. 1300 men go. they did this because they respected Washington a lot. It sent the message out that you must obey the law and if you dont like it you must oppose it through deplomacy
2 political parties
the jeffersoian republic (anti federalists) and the federialists
French Revolution
The people of america liked the influence they were having
The reign of terror
(people in France turned against eachother) Americans who were in power started to worry that this would happen to them.
Neutraility proclamation
came about because the british and the french were at war and the french asked us for help (franco-american alliance) it stated that they will trade with everyone or no one and the country is basically neutral. The Jefferson Republican are arngry because they want to support the french
goal of 1st government
put constitution into practice.. no guarentee this is going to last
president washington
unanomously elected. Looks to consitution about adivisors.
Citizen Genet
Ed shows up in Charlston. (the foreign minister for france) he asked the people to help him build some war ships. Washington has him revoed and the french take him out because washington threaten to join british. The french are angry because they feel unsupported
1st Capitol
New york (where washington was sworn in)
Hamalton's two ways to stablize country
Funding at part and assumption of state debt
1st presidential cabinent
1) secretary of state (spokes person for other with other countries)-Thomas Jefferson 2)Secretary of war (now called secretary of defense)-henry knox 3)Secretary of the Tresury (finanacial.. must make economy stable)- Alexander hamalton
Indian Issues
The British stirr up Indians by giving them guns
Treaty of Greenville
Indians give up a chunck of land in the United states and the Indians get $20,000 and $9,000 a year
Jefferson and reaction to Greenvile
Jeffersonians wanted to fight the British who were still in forst. the federilists are against it because hamalton plans are based on trade with England
Supreme court justice
Jay's Treaty
Washington sends Jay to London to get british out of forts. He goes but with the british promieses to pay for all damages but no promise they wouldnt do it again. They made jay promise that al debts be paid off to british merchants. People looked at this as a surrender to england
Pinkney's Treaty
Spain gets nervious and strikes a deal with the US. the spainish give up complete navigation rights to the mississippi river and they give up a piece of FLA.
Washington's Farewell address
1) political parties are a bad thing 2)do not enter alliences with foreign countries. (stay out of foreign affaires)
2nd president and vice president
John Adams (last federalist power to be president.) vice prez- Jesfferson
french has started to sieze american ships and adams decided to send diplomats to speak to him about stopping whatever was going on
X,Y,Z affaire
three men say that in order to see talleyrand you must give 250,000 dollars. the affaire was a report to congress and in it he did not say who the three frenchmen were.
Adams prepares for War
Navy department created (3 naval ships to start). US marine core is reestablished. New army of 10,000 men is authorized (never reached that many) ... ADAMS NEVER ACTUALLY DECLARES WAR
Alien act
1 of adams' laws. it increased the years to become an american citizen to 14 years (originally 5)..affects the jeffersonian numbers... it also gives the president the right to deport dangerous forigners.
sedition act
signed by john adams.. gave authority to the government to throw the press or anyone into jail if you defaine an individual. lots of jeffersonians are thrown into jail (against the bill of rights)
Nullification Doctrince
Kentucky Resolution and Virginia Resolution kt-Jefferson VA-madison. Both say that if states don't likewhat the federal government say than they should refuse them. Analogy: parents giving life. the creator should ever go alont with the creation.
result: Adams' laws
get repealed and gives the jeffersonians a great campainning slogan
sedition act
signed by john adams.. gave authority to the government to throw the press or anyone into jail if you defaine an individual. lots of jeffersonians are thrown into jail (against the bill of rights)
Nullification Doctrince
Kentucky Resolution and Virginia Resolution kt-Jefferson VA-madison. Both say that if states don't likewhat the federal government say than they should refuse them. Analogy: parents giving life. the creator should ever go alont with the creation.
result: Adams' laws
get repealed and gives the jeffersonians a great campainning slogan
3rd president and vice president
Thomas Jefferson and Aron Burr
Convention of 1800
Napolean says that he will stop harrassing ship and offer to pay for damaged ships. Us says that dont worry about the cost.
Aron Burr
thought he should be president. (he had tied with Jefferson but senete chooses)Alexanger hamalton was the biggest ANTI burr spokesman.
Jeffersons 1st term
he got rid of Alian/sedition acts. and past the naturlization law. he also keeps hamaltons financial plans intact except excise tax
Naturalization Law
1) deals with imigrants 2)brings us citizens back to 5 years perdiod
Judiciary Act of 1801
when adams leaves he appoints a lot of federists to the supreme court (the midnight judeges [16])
1st test for jefferson
he repeals the judiciary act and instruct the secretary of state (madison) to not delieve the appointment (marbury)
Marbury vs. Madison
the appeal goes to the supreme court. Marbury uses the Judiciary act of 1789 as defense. The supreme court says that the judiciary act was not constitutional.
Judicial Review
look at a law to question whether or not it is constitutional only if someone appeals it. Created by John Marshall
2nd test for Jefferson
Pirates in the Mediterrian sea. They were taking prisoner off ship and stealing cargo. (Africa).
War of Tripoli
Jefferson sends marine core to crush the barbury pirates in the city of TRIPOLI. after four years of fighting it is a sucess.
Major reasons why pirates stopped
1) marine core 2) $60,000 random money to pay them off
Louisiana Purchase
Monroe and Livingston go to france because they are worried that Napolean will try to take over the world. They get him to sell hug chunks of land in the suth east because it was a lot of hassle in the west Indias. (sold for 15 mil)
Peoples reaction to Louisiana Purchase
Jefferson was praised but also called a hypocrite because "it wasnt in the constituation" and he strickly followed the constitution
can put aside his belief for the better of the country
Louise and Clarke
Go from St. Louis to oragon by goot (2 years) they keep a diary of all they had never seen. Get the credit for telling the rest of the country how great the new territory was
Zebolon Pike
goes to colorado and gets a mountain named after him
2nd term for Jefferson
not as smooth
two people of the same ideas can run together. Jefferson drops burr and so burr goes to join a group of federlist in NY
/Burrs Plot in NY
he plots to take NY out of the unionand hopefully get other states to join. Hamalton discovers plot and makes it public. This is a hug imbarressment to burr. Burr and Hamalton dual and Hamalton dies. Burr has no choice then to move west (mississipi) political currer is over
Burrs 2nd plot
plots to speerate the western terratory. Jefferson finds out and captures him. he puts him on tiral in richman for treason. Marshal hears the case and lets burr go becaues he felt that no real action had been taken yet
Burrs 3rd plot
burr fees to france and plots with Napolean to take over britan
British and French war
US shipping gets dragged into it. British and french send people to sieze ships
take salors and force them into british navy
British ships takes on the "Cesapeak"
10 miles off the coast of VA. he wants 4 salors off that were british army deserters. they refuse and 3 ppl died and many wounded. Jefferson does not go to war right away because he wanted to keep the policy "avoid war at all cost"
Embargo Act of 1807
forbade all exports from the US. hopes that it would crush the economies of B and F but instead it crushes the US. (this issue goes away and later madison declares war) This issue gives Jefferson a bad rep. it is eventually repealed
4th President
Nonintercourse Act
ships will trade with everyone but france and british
Macon's Bill #2
Country agrees to cooperate the US the act will be lifted off. France takes it. England says I dont care what the americans say. England in return says that either you trade with us or we continue doing what we have been doing.
Indians start to push back on US citizens
this is because the british are supplying them with guns
Battle of Tippecanoe
Tecomsen and his brother the prophet (encouraged by british) vs. americans (william hentry Harrison) in Indiana terretory
William henry harrison
Great general and much later becomes president
War Hawks
group that wants war with england (madison agrees)
Reasons for War of 1812
1) Impressment 2) sessing ships 3) Indian problem
War of 1812 Part 1
Takes place in the Great Lakes Region. The British decides to invade from Canada. Harrison holds back the british invasion on land. Perry (navy commander) holds back british on lake errie
War of 1812 Part 2 A
British attak D.C. to through untied states into caos and burns the while house. President escapes with family (lots of historic artifacts are saved because of his wife). Britian had only a symbolic victory.
War of 1812 Part 2B
British goes to baltamore. problem: they had to knock out fort McHenry. -they bombarded it. there was heavy fighting and british fail... it is a stand still
writes the start spangled banner based on battle at fort Mchenry
crushes the Indians who had been started up by british in south
Treaty of Ghent
Christmas eve. ends the war of 1812. all land holdings before the war went back to the way it was. British said they would stop impressment and they would leave the continent. Huge moral victory for the untedstates. it gave pride to people growth ecomically and physically
Incident at New Orlieans
did not have to happen. Group of british Soligers go to try Andrew Jackson defends New orliens against invasion. There is a huge battle= the british had to retreat a
gets stronger and pride grows in America
5th president
Hartford Convention
Federalists had met in conniticut. They wanted to come up with a plan. they stated that if the country didnt go along with the plan then new england with sucess. 1) you've got to end the war due to trading issues 2)no president can come from the same state back to back
Federalist party dies
War of 1812 dies and people got wind of this and it killed federalists. they said they were defeatest, cowardice, and trators. Even new englanders were upset who had supported them before
united states develops its own culture
Washington Irving
Lengend of Sleepy Hallow
James Cooper
Last of the Mohigicans
Bank of the United States
The American System
congress realizes they have to improve some things so they give federal money to -build roads, factories, transportation,dams,trade,canals
Tarrif on imports
puts safety on american factories
henry clay
leading spkokesman for the American System. 1) economic strength 2) keep the US united
Era of Good Feelings
associated with the time period that Monroe is president
Good Will tour
Monroe: first time that a president goes out amonst the people. he gets lots of credit for it
First major ecomonic panic
main reason: people bought land in the west which they borrowed money.(loans). the economy slows down. the banks panic and calls in loans but people cant pay and the bank has to foreclose.
Slavery Issue arrives because....
missouri wants to become a state. Problem: senete in dead even pr vs. against and it would be pro in congress if they cam in
Tallmadge's ammendment
missouri can come in current slaves can be slaves and children will be free (no new slaves) never made it out of senete
Missouri compromise
CLAY: main comes in as a free state to even out congress and all states below the 3630 line will not be free and all above the land will be except missouri (this avoids a civil war)
McCulloch Vs. Maryland
Maryland wanted to destry the branc of the bank of the united states in maryland. they taxed them hoping they would give up. MuCulloch says we wont pay the tax. they go to the supreme court. Justice marshal looked at the nucessary and proper clause. RESTATES: if the federal gov can prov the country needs it then they can. (implied powers=read between the lines)
Gibbons Vs. Ogden
interstate commerce. Gibbins applies for a boat liscence. Ogden says he has the exclusive monopoly on that part of that river. New york sides with ogden. Gibbens goes to the Supreme court. they side with gibbens because they read the constitution. it states that interstate commercse can be regulated by federal government. **still today: gave gov the ability to regulate interstate commerce. ***must prove it is interstate
State of FLA
becomes part by buying it from spain only if US promises to leave mexacan terretory alone.
monroe doctrine
warning to european and Russians 1) noncolization 2) nonintervention (stay out of the western hemosphere)