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Who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin
Harriet Beecher Stowe
What year was Uncle Tom's Cabin written in?
Who wrote the impending Crisis of the South?
Hinton R. Helper
Where did Britain get cotton
Egypt and India
What was the Trent Affair?
Union warship stopped ship North of Cuba and forcilby removed 2 confederate diplomats bound for Britain
First president in chapter 18
William Henry Harrison
Who came after William Henry Harrison
John Tyler
How long did William Henry Harrison stay in the white house before he died
4 weeks
William Henry Harrison was a....
What financial reforms did Tyler make?
Ended independant treasury, began fiscal bank
Who wanted a bank under John Tyler?
Henry Clay
Who was the secretary of state at teh time of Tyler
What did the Kansas-Nebraska Bill Violate
The Missouri Compromise
What was Douglas's view on Slavery
He wanted popular sovrignty but didn't care whether or not slavery was vote up or down in the states
What began the Republican Party?
The Kansas Nebraska Act
In the 1960 election what states did Bell Take?
Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia
In the 1960 election what states did Douglas take?
New Jersey, Missouri
What were the first 7 States to secede?
in 1860 who had the majority in the supreme court?
The south
Why didn't Buchanan resort to force to keep the states in the Union?
The troops were needed to control the indians in the West
Where was the Most Fameous LIncoln-Douglas Debate?
Fremont Illinois
Who tried to capture Nicaragua?
William Walker
Who was president at the time of the Cuba issue?
Who oppened the doors to Japan
Commodore Matthew C. Perry
What event sparked the Ostend Manifesto
When in 1854, Cuba seized an American ship
What was the American Ship called the Cuba seized
The black warrior
How many square miles of Canada did the US pick up in the Webster-Ashburton Treaty
From where to where did the British want to build a road in Canada
Halifax to Quebec
What river was the main controvery during the Webster-Ashburton treaty
St. Lawrence river
What did the land that Britain surrended in the Webster-Ashburton treaty contain
Iron Ore
What were the degrees of all of Oregon?
54 40'
Who discoverd the Columbia River
Robert Grey
What longitude and latitude did the US actually receive in Oregon
49 40
Who began the Walked Tariff?
What was teh reconstrucdion act?
Diivided it into 5 millitary districts
What was the order in which the Southern States came back into the union
How much could people pay to get out of the draft in the North?
300 dollars
Where were there riots protesting the draft?