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What was the first written constitution of the US?
The Articles Of Confederation
What 3 things did the articles of confederation do?
1. Governed the colonies
2. Any one state has the powerr to veto
3. Passed the northwest ordinances.
Who is Daniel Shay?
Famer in Western Massachusetts.
What was Shays Rebellion Fighing for?
Prevent courts from seizing property from indebted farmers.
When did Shays Rebellion occur?
Where did the constitutional convention take place?
What 3 things did the constitutional convention put forth?
1. Great compromise
2. Upper and lower house
3. declaration of independence.
What is the 3/5 compromise?
Every 5 slaves= 3 people for populations representation.
What is the federalist?
essays arguing for ratification of the constitution.
Who wrote the federalist?
James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay.
Hamiltons National Program consist of what 3 things?
1. Need to develop national manufacturing
2. Need to Asssume Debt
3. Need for central Bank
Who is Judith Sergeant Murray?
Advocate for womens rights.
Alien and Sedition Acts created what law?
Natural Law
What is the Natural Law?
Changed how many years it take to become a us citizen from 5-14.
What is the Revolution of 1800?
Peaceful transfer of power from one party to another.
From Feradlist(Adams)--> republican (jefferson).
What is Marbury vs Madison?
1st Supreme court decision to declare a federal law unconstitutional. The judiciary act of 1801.
Louisiana Purchase Did what to the US?
Doubled the size.
How much did the louisiana purchase cost per acre?
3 cents.
Who did we make the louisiana purchase from?
The french.
Who planned the louis and clark expedition?
Who saved louis and clarks lives?
Who invaded washington dc during the war of 1812?
the british
What did the british do in the war of 1812?
burnt down the white house.
what were the intentions of the british when they invaded washington dc?
kidnap the first lady.
What did dolly madison save when the white house was being torched?
1. portriat of george washington
2. government documents
3. red curtains.
what provoked the war of 1812?
us fought with britian over issues that included impressment of american sailors and interference with shipping.
Who wrote the star spangled banner?
francis scott key
when was the star spangled banner written?
durning the war of 1812.
Who worte "democracy in america?"
Alexis de toqueville
what was democracy in america about?
tyranny of the majority.
What is the erie canal?
the most profitable canal in the 1820's-1830's.
what areas did the earie canal connect?
from buffalo to Albany, New York, connecting the great lakes to the east coast.
What kind of town is lowell, massachusetts?
mill/factory town.
what is tracedentalism?
"god is transcended"
-everyone has a little go in them.
who were the 3 most well known trancadentalist of the 19th century?
Ralph waldo, emerson, henry david thureau, and margret fuller.
who did henry david thureau inspire?
What was the second great awakening?
a series of religious revivals.
Who is Noah Webster?
He wrote the american dictionary.
what quote is Noah Webster famous for?
"it is important for us to be as independent in literature as in politics"
who came up with The american system?
Henry Clay
who came up with the missouri compromise?
John quincy Adams
who came up with the monroe doctrine?
John Quincy Adams.
What did the moroe doctrine do?
banned europeans from the western hemisphere.
Who proposed the indian removal bill?
andrew jackson.
Who was fighting during the bank war?
jackson vs. nicholas bittle
What was the Nat turner rebellion?
most important slave uprising in 19th century.
What did shakers believe in?
getting rid of un pure thoughts and sexual segregation.
who were the grimke sisters?
abolitionists/ womens rights
Whats kind of convention was the seneca falls convention?
womens rights.
who was at the seneca falls convention?
susan b anthony, lucretia mat
What did the women fight for at the seneca falls convention?
that the declaration of independence applies to women too.
What were washingtons two warnings during his farwell address?
1. do not form parties
2. no foreign alliances.
What was the annexation of texas?
US took over texas.
why were the mexicans angered by with the US when they annexed texas?
the mexicans didnt believe in slavery.
1st Amendment

(5 things)
freedom of speech, religion, press,right to peacefully assemble & to petition the government.
2nd Amendment
right to bare arms
3rd Amendment
No soldier shall quarter in any house in time of peace.
4th Amendment
against unreasonable search and siezures
5th Amendment
"i plea the 5th" right to defend yourself in a court of law
6th Amendment
Right to a speedy & public trial
7th amendment
right to appeal
8th amendment
against cruel and unusual punishment