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Congress of Vienna
5 Great Powers, prevent French Expansion, stability, peace, accomplish conservatisim, legitimacy, balance of power
invites Great Powers to Vienna, Austria; chief imperial minister of Hapsburg until exile
G. Britian Prime Minister at Congress of Vienna; Treaty of Chaumont; restoration of the Bourbons
French foreign minister at Congress of Vienna; Napoleon's chief minister-treason; secret treaty
Louis 18 of France
Louis 16 younger brother; busy partying while Talleyrand did the work
all men should have the right to vote in a just society; working-class political movement
opposed Metternich's "Concert of Europe" bc only for wealthy; believes in constitutions, basic rights, free markets, limited gov't interference
Tsar Alexander I
Russia's Great Power at Congress of Vienna
Austrian Hapsburg Dynasty
Catholic family that rules Austria; Austria loses to Prussia so #2 now
Ottoman Empire
"the sick man of Europe"; war for Greek independence; when falls apart hurts Turkish Empire; Eastern Question
Revolution of 1830
Charles I takes France, not liberal enough so overthrown; French Regime
Revolution of 1848
fails, results in conservative Europe
Delacroix: "Liberty Leading the People"
painting; proletariot will win over bourgeoisie
Holy Roman Empire
German Empire; medieval assoc. of German states before destroyed by Napoleon I
Confederacy of Rhine
assoc. of German states during Napoleonic era
Congress of Vienna; return to old way of life, way Europe used to be before Napoleon
legitimate monarchs; old government rulers
Balance of Power
just be neighbors; don't want to be threatened
Tsar Nicholas I
After Alexander; very conservative; Russian gov't suppress any amount of liberalism
The Decembrist Revolt
Russian armies asked to take oath of allegiance but refused, many killed or exiled; crush any amount of liberalism
Great Reform Bill
Great Britain; expansion of electorate to include a wider variety of classes to support everyone
The Irish Question
Britain had control of Ireland but Irish nationalists want home rule so want Britain out and independence; Irish win
Catholic Emancipation
grant of full political rights to Roman Catholics; now become members of Parliament; end monopoly of Church of England
opposed Metternich's Concert of Europe; 2 types: socialists-share the wealth and anarchists- terrorists who think gov't stifles ppl
Crimean War
Russia vs. Ottoman Empire; shattered image of invincible Russia
Napoleon III
Louis Napoleon Bonaparte (nephew); President of France, then emperor; popular and progressive; New Paris; Champs Elysees' lost in Prussian war badly to William I bc tricked into war by Bismark; had to offer sword up; ruler of France's 2nd empire until forced to abdicate
Empress Eugenie
wife of Napoleon III; wanted son
Imperial Dining Room at the Louvre
fancy palace that Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie stayed at
Paris Commune
executions of to 1200 in city jails; common criminals-counterrevolutionaries; beginning of Marxist Revolution; end of 2nd empire
hatred towards Jews
create a Jewish state; important docrine/belief; Theodore Herzl
Austro-Hungarian Empire
compromise of Austria and Hungary; dual monarchy; merger; Budapest=Vienna
merger of Austria and Hungary
founder of Zionism; state can't protect Jews; The Jewish State-book
Theodor Herzl
Prussian minister at Congress of Vienna
Otto Von Bismark
Asked to raise money by Willaim I for army
tough and not one to give ground of important issues; rebels against Prussian Parliament (the Diet) taxes
Prussian Parliament also known as
the Diet
pursued war against Austria while in process of German unification
after Bismark's control this state becomes number 1
this city sets the rules of imperial authority in Africa
Prussian dynasty family name
William I proclaimed/coronated as German emperor here
French lost this to Germans after Franco-Prussian War; goes back and forth; German culture tho, on border
held at St.Paul's Church to meet about Austrian/Prussian conflict
Frankfurt Assembly
"small Germany"-argument set up by Bismark; Austria excluded
1st German Emperor; Prussia's big army; let Bismark run the show
William I, the Keiser
Franco-Prussian War
Bismark made it appear William I insulted Napoleon III to incite war; France declared war but lost; Napoleon gives up sword to William I
better society where people work together; founded by Robert Owen
utopian socialism
Robert Owen's 1st successful attempt at utopian socialism; cotton mill city; corrupt and poor
New Lanark, Scotland
site of utopian socialism that failed bc not everyone would do fair share; greatest utopian effort
New Harmony, IN
followers believe poverty and crime could be controlled by est. a good living/working environment
utopian socialism, Robert Owen
est. by Marx and Engels that life is a struggle between poor and wealthy, have and have nots
scientific socialism
wrote Communist Manifesto
Marx and Engels
Marx's sugardaddy and educator on industry
history is a result of a class conflict, inevitable triumph of proletariot
meaning of history and life is struggle for littl epeople
dialectual materialism
"Iron Law of Wages" is significant to Marx bc indicates that:
workers have no hope in economic system
place where Owen made fortune in textiles
New Lanark, Scotland
father of Evolution
deliberate and conscious attempts of bourgeoisie to steal from the proletariot the true value of their labor, leaving them in poverty
Theory of Surplus Value, Marx
leading Russian anarchist, hated by Marx
Michael Bakunin
violent, terrorists, destory system before it's ripe. fight against oppression
makes bourgeousie lose money and led by anarchists; proletariot refuse to work
The General Strike
constant class struggle bc of economic issues
Bourg vs Prolet
class intellectuals will educate proletariot about their oppression, they will them become hostile and take over
Class Consciousness and Hostility
temporary dictatorship after bourgeouisie liquidated
dictatorship of the proletariot
leader of marxist revisionism
Marxism should be updated/revised
Marxist Revisionism
legal protections were extended to unions; to improve wages and working conditions of workers
trade unionism
German political party that said capitalism was doomed and socialism needed
Social Democrats
German socialists should achieve socialism through evolution not revolution
rejected by France and Congress; Cabinet participation by socialists
British socialists who sought to achieve socialism through gradual, peaceful means, rational
independent party that fought for wages to meet rising cost of living; not effective
British Labour Party
rise of the Euro, Am., and Japanese Empires; voluntary/expensive
New Imperialism
reformers in America; not liberalists; thought bosses were "robbing" the city from making it better
The American Progressives
racial superiority where white Euro could take non white ppl under their control
Social Darwinism
father of social darwinism
Herbert Spencer
nations that are strong and powerful will rule over others; either we prevail or we die; took inferior people and "improved" them
social darwinism
darwin idea that the strongest survive and the weakest die
The Survival of the Fittest
condemned imperialism as unfair to workers
socialist, wrote Imperialism, A Study;
doesn't believe Britain should spend money on empire but rather on helping poor ppl
Father of the Soviet Union
believed in orthodox Marxism
refers to European and Am. opportunities to "help" Africans, Asians, and others
White Man's Burden (Rudyard Kipling)
Imperialist powers
G. Britain, France, Japan, Austria-Hungary, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, US, Italy
everyone other than US has got to have a piece of Africa
The Colonial "Scramble for Africa"
place where the King who choked the life out of the Congo was from
The King of the Belgians and the Congo
King Leopold II
greedy King who treated the Congo horribly, no morals
King Leopold II
famous missionary who left for Africa and not heard from for years
Dr. David Livingstone
newspaper writer who wanted "the" article so went to Africa to find Livingston
Henry Stanley
famous line by Stanley
"Dr.Livingston, I presume?"
the publicist who made a deal with the Belgians
British imperialist in Africa
Cecil Rhodes
queen of G.Britain and Empress of India
Queen Victoria
united India
agrees with Disraelis purchase of the Suez Canal
Queen Victoria
lifeline to India
Suez Canal
British prime minister
Today's Thailand
served as a buffer state btwn Britain and France in Asia
Two Countries involved in Battle of Adowa
Italy and Ethiopia
served as a buffer state btwn Britain and France in Asia
today's Thailand
countries who fought in the Battle of Adowa
Italy and Ethiopia
Emperor who won for Ethiopia at the Battle of Adowa
Emperor Menelik II
Ethiopians creamed Italians at this battle bc Italians were trying to conquer-embarrassed
Battle of Adowa
when Britain and France almost got into a war except France backed down- this land aint big enough for the both of us
The Fashoda Crisis
country with close ties to America; founded by freed Am. slaves; returned to Africa and est. nation where could be free; beneficiary of America for long time
city in Liberia named after President Monroe
King and Founder of Lesotho
defended ppl fromt the Zulu and held of Afrikaners, missionaries, and British
migration of Boers north to est. their own independent republics
Great Trek
Boer pioneers
following Boer vs Britain war, this country united
South Africa
Dutch, simle folk, today's Afrikaners, follow God's rules
place that British wanted from Boers bc it's a "gold mine"
Cape Town
Boer President
Paul Kruger
war fought over shipments of Opium sent to China from Britain
1st Opium War
once Britain win 1st opium war, demand that China:
must accept all opium shipments
the war when France and other join Britain vs China bc trade didn't grow; brings an end to Chinese independence
2nd opium war
grandmother of Pu Yi
Empress Dowager Tzu-Hsi
controls gov't through Pu Yi; has power; false reality
Chinese gov't that's hard to take over but too weak to govern effectively
Manchu (Qing) Dynasty
last chinese emperor
Pu Yi
chinese ports ruled by foreign consuls w/ commercial privileges and immunity from Chinese laws
treaty ports
agreements imposed on China by Europe, US, Japan that granted their citizens special legal and economic privileges on Chinese soil
unequal treaties
treaty of Nanking first one of these
unequal treaties
given to British through the treaty of Nanking
Hong Kong
China's Nationalist party that was dedicated to American like principles
founder of Kuomintang
Sun Yat-Sen
revolt of Chinese ppl against their own gov't, the Manchu dynasty
Taiping Rebellion
tributary of China that Japan won from China
nationalistic Chinese religions society that attacked foreigners in China
Boxer Rebellion
demonstration of the resentment of the Chinese at Western domination
Boxer Rebellion
American policy that doesn't think China should be split up so gives all of imperial powers equal access to Chinese trade and commerce
Open Door Policy
Chinese Empire becomes:
Chinese Republic
literal transformation of Japan to make it more western on the outside and to open up after so many years and for the emperor to return
Meiji Restoration
Meiji is an
what caused Japan to open its eyes
Perry mission from US
Chinese revolutionary officer that unified China internally thru military force
Chiang Kai-Shek
period of freedom and experimentation with new Chinese doctrines-started with protest and changed though
May Fourth Movement
last dynasty of the Chinese Empire
Manchu (Qing) Dynasty
Japanese held special rights here since Russo-Japanese War-growing authority here as a result
Pu Yi returns here after abdication
familes of Shoguns, military leaders; Japan
military rule in Japan
from US, visits Japan and opens them up from isolation
Commodore Perry
war that alert Japan crushed traditional China in and wins Korea
Sino-Japanese War
Sino means
Dutch East Endies
Now Indoneia, lots of islands
Japanese think they cna take on Russians now, pivotal war, beat Russia to a pulp
Russo-Japanese War
After Russo-Japanese War, Japan had a growing authority in these 2 countries
Manchuria and Korea
After Russo-Japanese War, weaponry/techniques:
were studied for future, larger wars
1st war to be photographically covered
Russo-Japanese War
dress rehearsal for WWI
Russo-Japanese War
ended Russo-Japanese war by meeting through intervention
Treaty of Portsmouth (NH)
person who invited Russia and Japan to Portsmouth
Teddy Roosevelt
didn't want to see Russia destroyed bc afraid of the "Yellow Peril"
Teddy Roosevelt
won Nobel Peace Prize for Treaty of Portsmouth
Teddy Roosevelt