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What is Antietam?
The site of the bloodiest day in American history, as well as the bloodiest Civil War battle.
What was Pickett's Charge?
The major turning point in Gettysburg, and the Civil War. A Union charge led by George Pickett.
What is Vicksburg?
A Large Confederate stronghold during the Civil War.
Who was General Sherman?
Leader of a Union troop that drove Confederates out of Chattanooga, TN.
Who was Clara Barton?
The founder of the American Red Cross, who started up hospitals for wounded Civil War soldiers.
In what ways did the South hope to convince European nations to recognize and support them?
By not giving Europe cotton, forcing them to help the South, as cotton was somewhat of a necessity.
What was the reaction of the Emancipation Proclamation?
It was never passed in Senate, as most believed it would cause too much commotion, as well as they believed that the African-Americans did not deserve it.
What were the terms of the South's surrender?
Were allowed to leave with all of their belongings, but had to set down arms.
What was the primary strategy of the North?
The Anaconda Plan: to create a blockade of the South.
What was the South's primary stategy?
To use cotton as a source of blackmail, forcing allies to come help them defeat Union forces.
What was the status of African American troops in the Civil War?
African Americans were paid less than Anglo saxon troops of the same rank.
What were the disadvantages of freeing the slaves from Lincon's perspective?
It could anger the border states, could possibly divide Union, and believed to contradict the Constitution.