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What was the Lord North's Compromise?
In 1775, Parliament said they will not tax any colony whose inhabitants tax themselves for the purpose of contributing revenues to Britain.
Last chance to...
What was the Acts of Parliament?
New England is excluded from the fisheries and prohibeted from all trad except with England, and the British West Indies. No ammunition imported by colonies.
No T...
What were significant of Lexington and Concord?
1. Started the War, 'shot heard around the world'.
2. British are already in Boston, but are leaving.
3. Looking for colonial leaders: Samuel Adams and John Hancock.
4. Looking to destory weapons of colonies.
What exactly was the Battle of Bunker (Breeds) Hill?
In 1775 the battle was- the americans lost, although more English soldiesrs were killed. The English took over the hill, but it raised the colonists confidence.
Common Sense
Written by Thomas Paine 1776
Pamphlet sparks people to be Patriots
France signs secret treaty in Second Cont. Provides with arms and ammo.