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name the firebrands
Thomas Paine, Paul Revere, Sam Adams, Jon Adams, Jon Hancock, Patrick Henry
What was the Quartering Act?
People had to shelter british soldiers on demand
Who was the first person killed in the Boston Massacre?
Crispus Attucks
Where did the Sons/Daughters of Liberty meet?
Under Liberty Trees.
name all of the acts passed by parliament
Quartering Act, Proclamation Act of 1763, Declaratory Act, Sugar Act, Tea Act, Stamp Act, Townshend Act, Coercive Acts
What did the Navigation Acts say?
1)3/4 of the crew had to be British
2)all trade had to pass through Britain
3)all of the ships had to be made in either Britain or the colonies
What did the colonists call the coercive acts?
the Intolerable Acts
What did the coercive acts say?
1)Boston Harbor was closed until the debt was paid off to the East Indie Tea Company
2)Boston lost control over government
3)Thomas Gage was made governor of MA
Explain what the Boston Massacre was
Kids were throwing sticks and stones at a redcoat, and the soldier called for back-up. One soldier thought he heard the word 'fire', so he fired into the crowd. 4 were killed.
What act did parliament pass after the Boston Tea Party?
coercive acts
Where did the First Continental Congress meet?
Carpenters' Hall, in Philadelphia
What did the First Continental Congress meet to do?
set up the comittees of correspondence and write a letter to king george 3 asking him repeal the stamp act.
what were Townshend Acts
it was and inderect tax, where they charged the shipper, causing all of the prices to rise. the tax was on lead, glass, paint, and tea.
What was the Comittees of Correspondence?
people from each colony who wrote letters back and forth to inform the other colonies of important news