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What is a pueblo?

What is a presidio?

What is a mission?
pueblo - a town

presidio - place where they hold soldiers (base or lookout tower)

mission - place where Indians are converted to Catholicism
Why did the conquistadors explore? (the 3 G's)
Gold, Glory, God
Cortes - when, why, where, and what?
when? 1519
why? Gold and Glory
where? Mexico
what? conquered Aztecs - a powerful Indian empire
deVaca - when, why, where what?
when? 1525
why? Gold and Glory
where? between Florida and Mexico, Galveston Island
what? leader of the expedition, de Narez, dies in the shipwreck, saved by the Karakwas and then deVaca and Estavan become shamans
Esteban - when, why, where, what
when - 1539
why - to find Cibola
where - Mexico, Texas, New Mexico
what - Zunis kill Estban, Framarcos sees "Golden City" (pueblo town)
Coronado - when, why, where, what?
when - 1540
why - looking for Cibola (Golden City) and Glory
where - Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas
what - found Cibola = pueblo village, told about Quivira (another Indian village) = city of riches
de Pineda - when, why, where and what?
when - 1519
why - Gold and Glory and to map the new land
where - coastal Texas
what - found the Rio Grande
deSota - when, why, where, what?
when - 1540
why - to explore the Gulf of Mexico and to find the Fountain of Youth
where - Florida to Texas
what - found the Mississippi River
Compare and contrast Spanish and French exploration in the Americas.
French wanted fur trade, Spanish wanted 3 G's.
What were the problems with the first missions?
drought, starvation, disease, Indians rejected Catholicism
Mission - San Francisco de los Tejas

Where was it?
Why is it important?
East Texas

They made friends with the Hasini people
Mission - Los Adaes

Where was it?
Why is it important?
near French post of Natchitoches

became the first capital of Texas and it remained the capital for 50 years
Mission - San Antonio de Bexar

Where was it?
Why is it important?
located on the San Antonio River

it became "the Alamo"
Mission - Corpus Christi de la Ysleta

Where was it?
Why is it important?
located near El Paso

it was the first mission in Texas