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In 1934, ______ and an _______ colony next to it fought over the __________ ___
Ethiopia and an Italian/boundary line
_________ _____________ used this dispute as an excuse to invade Ethiopia
Benito Mussonlini
Ethiopean's emperor ______ _________ asked the League of Nations for help
Haile Solassie
League condemned _____ for invading Ethiopia
_______ took no military action
in 1937 _____ withdrew from the League
Invaded Manchuria
Invaded Ethiopia
Invaded remainder of China
northwestern part of china
Invaded Austria (how)
Germany (no fighting)
Invaded the Sudetenland
Germany (no fighting necessary)
Part of Czechoslovakia
Invaded the remainder of Czechoslovakia
Invaded Poland (name date)
Germany and Russia (1939-WWII)
Hitler withdrew ________ from the League of Nations
hitler wanted the
part of czechoslovakia where many germans lived-what did hitler claim about the germans living there?
Sudetenland-claimed that the Germans there werebeing mistreated
name the 4 people present at the Munich Conference
1. Hitler
2. Mussolini
3. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain
followed a policy of appeasement
yielding to the demands of an aggressor to preserve peace
what countries allowed Hitler to have the Sudetenland?
france and England
In exchange for the Sudetenland, what did Hitler promise?
not to take anymore land in Europe
Who said "This means peace in our time?"
Neville Chamberlain
Hitler then took the remainder of
stalin and hitler promised
not to attack each other
why was the stalin/hitler pact a surprise to the world?
because of stalin's hatred of Fascism and Hitler's hatred of Communist
what was a secret part of the Stalin/Hitler pact?
1. both germnay and russia would obtain a part of poland
2. germany would not interfere iwth Rissi'as retaking some areas that had been laost when Russia withdrew from WWI
what country was invaded using the blitzkrieg? Define this terms
Poland. "Lightning War" the rapid movement of tanks and troops
declared war on Germany when Germany invaded poland
Britain and France
"sit down war"
who served as prime minister of Britian diring most of WWII?
Winston Churchill
Amazingly most wre able to escape across the English channel to Britain
leader of the free french government,leader of French troops that were in Britain
Erwin Rommel
Germany invasian of britain
operation Sea Lion
Germany invasian of britain
operation Sea Lion
Name the german airforce and the english airforce
Luftwaffe and RAF (Royal Air Force)
This invastion never occurred
Operation Sea Lion
This invastion never occurred
Operation Sea Lion
This invastion never occurred
Operation Sea Lion
This invastion never occurred
Operation Sea Lion
Known as Desert Fox
Erwin Rommel
outstanding German generla who fought in Norht Africa
Erwin Rommel
list the major 4 countries that fought on the side of Allies during WWII
Britain, France, Russia, US
Name the three major countries which fought on the side of Axis during WWII
Japan, Italy, Germany
Erwin rommel lost this battle
Battle of El Alamein
name for the invasion of Normany, France
operation Overlord
Who commanded Operation Overlord?
General Dwight D. Eisenhower
German's last major attack against the Allies. Tell who won
Germany lost, Battle of the Bulge
Describe Mussolini's death
killed by italians, body hung upside down
describe hitler's death
committed suicide. Body burned on his order
Who was present at the Yalta Conference?
Franklin Roosevelt, Stalin, Churchill
What would happen to Germany?
it would be divided into 4 zones
what was created out of the Yalta Conference?
United Nations, based in New York
president after roosevelt
leaders in Potsdam Germnay
Stalin, Churchill (replaced by Clement Attlee) and Truman
Battle of Midway
Great victory. Stopped Japanese advance toward Hawaii
U.S. army commander in the Pacific area
Douglas MacArthur
define island hopping
taking control of islands that held supllies for other Japanese controlled islands
what does kamikaze mean?
divine wind
where were the atomic bombs dropped?
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
name in order how the major axis countries fell
1. Italy 2. Germany Japan surrendered last