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four reasons that caused tension in Europe before World War i
system of alliances
feeling of loyalty or patriotism toward your country or one's cultural group
conquering foreign territory
becayse the major countries feared each other, each was building a powerful military
system of alliance
the mjor countries of Europe were dicided into two groups
Means "friendly agreement"
Name the members of the Triple Entente
Britain, France, Russia
Name the members of the Triple Alliance
Austria Hungary, Italy, Germany
spark that started WWi
Nationalist in Serbia wanted to unite all southern slavs into one country
many slavs lived in ___________ _______________-most of them agreed with the idea of a
southern austria hungary, independent slavic nation
Heir to the throne of Austria Hungary
Franz Ferdinand
Opposed the idea of a new country for Slavs because Austria Hungary would have to give up so much land
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Assassinated by a Slav who was a member of a Serbian terrorist organization
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Who in Serbia wwere also members of this terrorist group?
Some government officials!! (DUN dun dun,,,)
Austria Hungary asked ____________ ti support them and any action Austria Hungary took to attack Serbia
Germany, Serbia
Leader of Germany
Kaiser Wilhelm II
gave a blank check to what country?
Kaiser Wilhelm II to Austria hungary
Presented an ultimatum (name country and name country that ultimatum was presented to)
Austria Hungary gave ulitmatum to Serbia
what did the ultimatum say?
that if all the demands were not met within 48 hours, Austria Hungary would declare war on Serbia
Austria Hungary delcared war on Serbia and ______________ began
World War I
Why did Russia decide to help Serbia?
Because many russians were slavs
Russian leader was _______________ (wife was ___________)
Czar Nicholous II
Was neutral
Major countries in Europe (including ________) had promised to respect the neutrality of ______. furthermore, ______ had a treaty with Belgium promising to help in case of invasion
(germany) belgium. britain had treaty with Belgium
_____ wanted to move its troops in ______ through Belgium
Germany, into france
Belgium refused to give permission to do so. Germany declared war on ______ and invaded the next day
____ declared war on France and invaded- the next day Britain declared war on Germany for 2 reasons-
1. German invastion of Britain
2. Germany's plan to attack on France and Russia
within one week after WWI began , all memers of the Triple ____ and the Triple ____ were involved in the war except _____. This country later joined against _______ and _____-________
Entente and the Triple Alliance were involved in the war except Italy. This country later joined against Germany and Austria Hungary
Central Powers
name for those siding with Austria-Hungary and Germnay
Name for the countries siding with Belgium, Russia, Serbia, Britain, France
which country had the best army during WWI?
Which country had the best army during WWI?
Inventor of Schlieffen Plan
Alfred Von Shlieffen
The Schlieffen plan was an outline of
how Germany could win a war between France and Russia
Step 1 (1-3_ of Schlieffen Plan
1. Quickly move troops into france through Belgium
2. Leave some soldier on Belgium border
3. Conquere france in a few weeks
Step 2 of the Schlieffen Plan (2) thinggs
1. Transfer most German troops from France to the Russian border. Germans had to move rapidly for the plan to work
Germnay believed this country would negotiate a peace settlement becayse that country would ne the only major nation left figithing
This battle ended Germany's plan for a quick vicotry in France
Battle of the Marne
what country had to withdraw from WWI due to a communist takeover?
Discuss fighting on the Western Front
Both sides dug hundreds of miles of trenches in France and Belgium.
What items were placed between trenches in the Western Front fighting?
Barbed wire and land mines
Was the Western Front war a success?
no, it was a stalemate, little territory was gained by either side
Fights between planes were called
Known as the Red Baron (name country)
Baron Manfred von Richtofen. German who shot down the most planes in WWI
what were german submarines called?
U-boats (undersea boats)
what was the international law regarding the sinking of ships in WWI?
1. WARSHIPS could be sunk at nay time.
2. Navy could stop and search ships at any time
3. If ships carried war material, they could be sunk after taking care of crew and passengers
What country used unrestricted submarine warefare?
What was unrestricted submarine warefare?
meant that all ships were subject to be sunk without warning
What was the Lusitania?
British passenger ship
whud did germany announced after the skinging of the lustinania? why did germnay announce this?
that it would begin using unrestricted submarine warefare again
why did germany decide to use unrestricted submarine warefare again?
it believed that it would enable it to win the war before the US could send many troops to Europe
The sinking of the Lusitania did NOT cause US to
enter WWI
4 examples of British violations of international law during WWI
1. opened US mail
2. interfered with American trade with neutral trade
3. some britain ships flew american flag
4. britain and france refused to allow central powers to use suez canal
3 primary reasons US entered wwi
strong british american ties
german use of unrestricted submarine warefare
zimmerman telegram
what did the zimmerman telegram say?
was from german foreign secretary Arthur Zimmerman to Mexico. Said of Mexico would attack US, Germany would help them
name 6 points of Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points
1. an end to secret treaties
2. freedom of seas
3. no tariffs
4. self determination
5. weapons and military forces of all countries should be reduced
6. created league of nations
Wilson's most important point
League of Nations
Organization to help keep the peace
League of Nations
armistice means
truce or agreement to stop fighting
german leader who abdicated at the end of WWI
Wilhelm I
what did woodrow wilson call WWI?
the war to end all wars
the war to make the world safe for democracy
name for the leaders of the 4 major allied countries
big 4
name the big four
US-Woodrow Wilson
GB-David Lloyd George
France-Georges Clemenceau
Italy-Vittorio Orlando
the treaties ignored
most of the 14 points
treaty of versaille was with what country?
name 6 terms of Treaty of Versailles
1. only small army and navy
2. no drafting
3. No placing troops in Rhine River
4. Gave up Alsace and Lorraine
5. Lost Polish Corridor
6. Colonies taken away
two new countries were created out of Austria Hungary, name them
Yugoslavia (included Serbia and Montenegro
Divided into 2 sections after WWI
austria and hungary
____ became a contry again
Never adopted the treaty of Versailles and never joined _________ __ ________
the League of Nations