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during the period from the collapse of the western part of the Roman Empire until the 19th century, Italy was divided in
several states or kingdoms
Some states were controlled by
foreign countries
Italians wanted a unified, independent country-primary reason was nationalism
The strongest state in Italy was the kingdom of
Two people most responsible for unifying Italy were
Camillo de Cavour and Garibaldi
Prime minister of the kingdom of sardinia
Camillo de Cavour
watned his state (-------) to be the leading one in unified Italy (political leader of Italian unification)
Cavour, sardinia
organized an army of Italians called the Red Shirts
his army overthrew the unpopular king of the kingdom of the two Sicilies
Many Italians who lived there assisted his army
military leader of Italian unification
policial leader of Italian unification
The king of Sardinia became the king of
A part of the ________ ________ was still controlled by the pope
Papal states
this area joined the rest of Italy in spite of the pope's opposition
papal states
The small section of rome that was set aside and is controlled by the pope is called
Vatican City
In 1815 the _________ _ _______ created the German Confederation in the area where the Holy Roman Empire had existed
congress of Vienna
In 1815 the congress of vienna created _______ _________ __________ in the area where the HRE had existed
the german confederation
Consisted of loosely connected states, each having its own government
The German Confederation
The leading states in the German Confederation were
Austria and Prussia
By the 1860's, Prussia wanted a united Germany with its state as the leading one
Became Prime minister of Prussia
Otto von bismark
Determined to accomplish Prussia's goal
Otto von Bismark
Believed in accomplishing things through military force (blood and iron)
otto von bismark
believed in blood and iron
otto von bismark
Deliberately started wars, began one with Austria
otto von bismark
Austria was quickly defeated
yeah...uh huh..remeber that will ya, ashy
Prussia was now the leading ______ _____
German state
_______ opposed German unificatoin-feared a united Germany would have too much power
________ wanted a war against France
________ received a telegram that describeda meeting between a __________ _ _______ and the _________ _______
Bismark,representative of France,Prussian king (Wilhelm 1)
what was the document described a meeting between a representative of France and the Prussian king?
em's telegram or em's dispatch
What did Bismark's edited version of the telegram imply?
That France had been insulted by Prussia
Prussia had been threatened (france is defensive now) by France
________ then declared war on ________ (Franco purssina war
France declared war on Prussia (Germany
Leader of France was
Napoleon III
Leader of Prussia was
Wilhelm I
Who was defeated in the Franco-Prussian War?
What were the results of the war?
1. Napoleon III (leader of France) forced to abdicate
2. Prussia took the French provinces Alsace and Lorraine ( much coal and iron ore there)
3. Frnace had to pay reparations for the war
What valuable raw materials were located in Alsace and Lorraine??
coal and iron ore
All german states except ))))))))))) were united into one country called _______________
Austria ( fought against prussia therefore was left out, the two big dogs were austria and prussia) Germany
Where did the German unification ceremony take place in?
Outside Paris
_________ was named chancellor of Germany
What title is Chancellor like?
Prime Minister
as industries increased in Germany, ___________ became popular
In order to give Germans less cause to become _________, __________ (person) had many ____________ reforms passed himself
socialists, Bismark had many socialist reforms passed himself
_____________ made sure Germany maintained a ___________ __________
powerful military
Bismark became known as the "________ ___________"
Iron Chancellor
After Wilhelm I died, __________ ___ became _______
Wilhelm II, kaiser (german word for Caesar)
The new kaiser (wilhem II) believed that Bismark had too much power and that Bismark should have aquired more
colonies for Germany
In 1890, _________ ___ forced Bismark to resign
Wilhelm II
Russia was ruled by an ____________ _________ called a
czar, tsar, tsarina, czarina
Made some reforms beased on the idea of liberalism
Alexander II
Freed the serfs
Alexander II
true or false: living conditions for serfs improved drastically
False, they changed very little
Many serfs could not afford to buy
Those accused of crimes were given public trials by jury instead of ___________ trials by the __________ ________
secret trials by government officials
reduced power of secret police and granted more freedom ofthe press
Alexander II
___________ felt his reforms went too far
_________ felt his reforms were not drastic enough
Why were the Jews discriminated against?
People disliked their religious beliefs, and they were successful businessmen, lawyers and bakners
anti-jewish feeling
movement that developed among jews. Wanted to establish a separate nation for Jews, accomplished in 1948