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what branch is the president in charge of?
the executive
executive or,
how long is the term for a president?
4 years
four years
6 years
8 years
who is the president really choosen by?
the electrol college
the people
electrol college
how many electors are in the electrol college?
however many delegates that state has
the same number as _________
what is the date to vote?
the first tuesday after the first monday in November
the first _______ after the ____ moday in ________
can a person born in Mexico with Mexican parents run for president?
NO they have to be naturally born Americans
they have to be naturally born ___________
how old does the president have to be?
how long does the president have to have had lived in America for?
14 years
CAN the president receive presents during his term?

NO. so he can't be bribed
he could be put in an acwered possision
before entering as the official president what does he have to do?
take an oath
take a(an) __________
what are expressed powers?
powers expresses in the constitution
ex. to declare war
what are implied powers?
powers that were not in the constitution but were implied
ex. the power to regulate t.v. stations
what are reserved powers?
powers that aren't in the constitution and are granted to the states
ex. to issue marrige lisences
are these expressed or reserved? :

determine citizenship rules
collect taxes
coin money
to coin money means to put a value on money
are these implied or reserved? :

provide education
to issue marriage licenses
can't enter a treaty
CAN'T so anything w/ war or treaties look at: CANT ENTER A TREATY OR ALLIANCE
are these implied or expressed? :

set t.v. standards
regulate transportation
provide rules for national gaurd
regulate : aka : provide for transportation DEALS WITH LOTS OF STATES
WHAT was changed by the 12th ammendment?
the idea that the canidate with the second highest votes became Vice president
vice president