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one of the last asians to arrive in North America-live in far north(canada,alaska) in very cold climates
A tribe that consisted of Eskimos that lived in Alaska and canada in harsh climates
a state of the U.S. in the Far north west of canada-disonnected from rest of U.S.
cliff-dwelling indians who lived in new mexico,colarado,arizona, utah(four corners) aka navaho lived on cliffs for protection from enemies (southwest)
living of the faces of cliffs to protect from enemies (gives a higher position to attack and defend from, hard to get to)
sun dried clay mud used to build pueblo villages on cliffs
Rio Grande
large river where Anasazi lived
Mound building indians
Indians who lived near the Mississippi River next the great lakes in Iowa and Ohio who are known for the large mounds of dirt they built
slaves captured in battles with rivaled tribes
Woodland tribes that lived in the forests in the east who spoke similar languages and had similar customs and traded with eachother
Pacific Northwest
Washington and Oregon near pacific ocean-location of affluent native americans- resources are plentiful
big parties where the host gives away his possesions to the guests-allows host to show off and gain power within the community
Rocky Mountains
65 million year old mountain range that runs from canada through the U.S.
Appalacian Mountains
large north american mountain range near Mississippi river
Plains indians
lived on plains near the Mississippi in central U.S.-first indians to use horses used bow and arrows
easily hunted animal-stupid-good to eat-rich in protein-millions of them-major food source of plains indians
Indians who lived in northeast (new york) respected woman (farmers) had a confederacy system with sachems (leaders of individual secotrs)-fiece fighters-enemies of Algonquians
government in which each of the nations has their own laws except in common matters and war-used by Iroquois-included coucil of sachems chosen by women who decided on political matters
beads used to draw pictures of Iroquois record system