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Who was the first great missionary of the Christian church?
Name the evil Roman emperor who made Christianity illegal.
Who are the Christians that are willing to die for their faith?
Name the first man to translate the entire Bible into English.
John Wycliffe
What man began the Protestant Reformation on October 31, 1517?
Martin Luther
What are the underground rooms and passages used by early Christians called?
Name the period of time given to the 1,000 years after the fall of Rome.
the Middle Ages
Name the world's largest lake.
Caspian Sea
Name Europe's most important inland waterway?
Rhine River
This is the only continent with no large desert.
This word describes the air in a tropical rain forest.
What Bohemian Christian was burned at the stake for preaching that only God can forgive sin?
John Huss
Be able to locate these capitals on a United States map (map will have the states for these lettered):
Augusta, Boston, Charleston, Des Moines, Madison, Sacramento