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Nazi new members Jan to May 1933
1.6m joined
Nazi ownsership of press
3% in 1933 to 69% in 1939
35 marks (weeks wages)
1935: 7 million sets
By 1939: 79% of households owned one
1935: Hitler's radio broadcasts: 56m
Germany had more cinemas than any other European country
Number of filmgoers +400% between 1933 and 1942
1929- 40,000
Image of order/strength/emotional collective
Degenerate art exhibition
5000 pieces
2 million attended
Book Burning May 1933
20,000 burnt
Hitler Youth
Created in 1926
1932 membership: 110,000
1934: 3.5m
1935: 6m
Teachers indoctrination
1936: 30% of teachers in Nazi Party
By 1937, 97% in National Socialist Teachers League
Youth opposition
Edelweiss pirates - 2000 1939
Had to set up youth secret police and concentration camp at Neuwied
Strength Through Joy
By 1939 1/3 of the workforce had enjoyed a holiday
Employment under the Nazis
1933: 6m unemployed
1935: 2m
1939: shortage of labour
Real wages rose every year
Leftist opposition to Nazi regime 1933-9
1934: 1.25m leaflets seized
5,000 active in Berlin in 1935
Rote Fahne until 1935
Opposition from Church to regime 1933-9
Congressional Church - Niemoller
5000 clergy
700 arrested for condemning paganism
Scale of opposition 19333-9
by 1939, 150,000 Communists/Socialists in Concentration Camps
40,000 imprisoned for lesser political offences
2000 illegal lefties lost lives
Economic recovery under Nazis
Work shcmes 1933
5 bn Reich marks invested into these
Creation of 6 million jobs
Unemployed in 1936 1/5 of 1933