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first national planning conference
held in 1909 as the National Conference on City Planning and Congestion Relief in Washington, D.C.
1912, Walter Moody's Wacker's Manual of the Plan of Chicago
the first known formal instruction in city planning below the college level
Carrying Out the City Plan
Flavel Shurtleff's book, written in 1914 and considered the first major textbook on city planning
When was the American Institute of Planners (AIP, the forerunner of the AICP) founded and who was its 1st president?
1917, Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr
who originally published City Planning (predecessor to the current Journal of the American Planning Association) and when was it first published?
In 1925, the American City Planning Institute and the National Conference on City Planning
when was the American Society of Planning Officials (ASPO) founded?
When did the AIP first adopt a Code of Ethics for professional planners?
When was the first exam for AIP membership administered?
When was the the American Planning Association created, and how?
1978, through a merger of AIP and ASPO.
When was the first issue of The Journal of Planning Education and Research published, and by whom?
1981, by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP).