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National Security Act
- 1947, it created the Defense department, created the NSC (which centralized a way to create foreign policy), created the CIA, section 102d5 - gave a vague description of what the CIA could or could not do,
Truman Doctrine
March 1947 - a response to the communists in Greece, basically declared that the US would provide economic support to Greece in order to keep communism out
Marshall Plan
1947-1952, it was a way for the US to help rebuild Europe (specifically Western europe) and also was a way to battle communism by not allowing it to get a foothold in europe
January 1946 - Central Intelligence Group, precursor to the CIA, first headed by Souers then Vandenburg (both military which showed how tightly connected intelligence was with the military and defense aspects), convinced the war department to give back the clandestine (SSU - which became the OSO) to them
April 12 meeting
1945 - FDR died and Donovan realized his dream of a post war OSS went with him
Reza Shah
came to power in 1926, wanted a better deal with the british govt (anglo-persian oil company - established in 1909), they met a new agreement in 1933 but it only put things off, British overthrew him and put his son the Shah into power during WWII - felt he had too close of ties with germany
1949 oil agreement
Iran wanted a 50-50 split, Mossadegh nationalized Iranian oil in 1951 (may 1st),
Operation BEDAMN
the US wanted to get rid of the Tudeh (left) in Iran, propaganda, had people pose as Tudeh and they would bomb mosques to enrage the Shia clerics
Planning TPAJAX
planning started two weeks after Eisenhower took office (1953), revision of operation BEDAMN - targeted the Tudeh and Mossadegh, the british had been kicked out of Iran in OCtober 1952 and had turned over all of their agents to the CIA, Approved June 25, 1953
Operation TPAJAX
August 15 - 19, 1953, General Zahedi the Shah and Kermit Roosevelt were important figures, August 15 - Mossadegh issued arrests of military officials, Zahedi goes into hiding, the Shah leaves Iran, August 17 - they send guys posed as the Tudeh to cause trouble in the streets, August 19 Zahedi restores order and Mossadegh is overthrown
iranian intelligence - they continue to wipe out the Tudeh, they dont wipe out the clerics who will be the cause behind the Iranian revolution (1978-1979
revolution of 1944
Arbenz and Arana overthrew Ubico in Guatemala, they set up free elections, Arana plots to overthrow the government but Arbenz stops him, Arana is killed in 1949 during the arrest
Decree 900
June 1952 - Arbenz nationalized the land and gave it to the peasants, the land had been mostly United Fruit's (aka the octopus)