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A double album of a collection of bands
Lenny Kaye compiled it
The Monks
All member were in the US military
A lot of political material
Dressed like monks
Motor City 5
The Stooges were a “little brother band”
John Sinclair – manager and part of White Panther Party
"Kick Out The Jams"
The Stooges
Iggy Pop – vox
Influenced by Velvet Underground on Jim Morrison
John Cale – Producer
From the Velvet Underground
Johnny Thunders Formed the band
"Born to Lose"
The Modern Lovers
Jonathon Richman - gtr/vox/songs
Jerry Harrison - keys
John Cale - Producer and in (stooges)
Tom Verlaine - gtr/vox/songs
Richard Hell-bass
Richard Hell makes "punk look" in fashion
Patti Smith
Used to recite poetry
Lenny Kaye - gtr
Was the first of the CBGB bands to be signed to a Big Album
The Ramones
Dee Dee-bass

Bubble gum with guts
Talking Heads
David Byrne - gtr/vox/songs
Tina Weymouth - bass
Chris Frantz - drums
Jerry Harrison - key/vox
from the Modern Lovers
Bar with Country, Blue Grass, and Blues
Sunday night became new music night
Sex Pistols
Signed to EMI records
"anarchy in the UK"
EMI drops sex pistols (Concert chaos)
A&M records signs them
"God save the queen" A&M chickens out drops
Virgin Records picks them up
"NEVER MIND THE Bollicks" First album
Malcolm McLaien - britich manager of NY DOLLS
Steve jones - gtr
Glen Matlocks - bass gets replaced
John Lydon - vox "Johnny Rotten"
Sid Vicious - bass
They established Punk
Last show played in San Francisco 1978
The Damned
First punk single released in UK
The Clash
CBS records
Bernie Rhodes - mgr
"White Riot" - Political
Inspired by Notting Hill
Inspiration of Reggae to diffuse charges in Nazism
Elvis Costello
Real name Declan McManus
Signed to STIFF record company
married man without band and got signed
The Jam
Paul Weller-gtr/vox/songs
MOD Music
The Who type music
X-Ray Spex
Poly Styrene - vox/songs
The Pretenders
Chrissie Hynde - vox/gtr/songs
The Specials
Forms 2-Tone record Label
P.I.L (Public Image Limited)
John Lydon - from Sex pistols
Joy Division
Ian curtis - vox/lyrics
commits suicide in kitchen
The Cure
Robert Smith - gtr/vox/songs
David Letterman called it "mop rock"
THe smiths
Morrissey -vox/lyrics
Johnny Marr-gtr
Throbbing Gristle
Industrial Records
The Police
Sting -bass/vox/songs
Stewart Copeland - drums
Andy Summers - gtr
Jimi Hendrix played iwth its original band
Andy Partridge - gtr/vox/songs
Colin Moulding - bass/vox/songs
Didn't play live due to Partridges uncomfortable nature on stage
From Ireland and religious
Bono - vox/lyrics
The Edge - gtr
Larry Mullen - drums
Adam Clayton - bass
The War Album
Produced by Brian Eno (Roxy Music - talking heads - u2)
Style Council
Paul Weller from the Jam
The go-gos
First all women group to have number one album
The Germs
Darby Crash - vox
Pat Smear - gtr
played for by nirvana
Joan Jett -producer
Ray Manzarek - producer
piana player from the doors
Exene Cervenka - vox/lyrics
John Doe - bass/vox
DJ Bonebrake - drums
Billy Zoom - gtr
Circle Jerks
Lead singer from Black flag
Black Flag
Greg Ginn - gtr
From SST Records
Henry Rollins - vox
Legal Troubles with record company
Mike watt - bass
Made boss an unfront instrument
stopped playing cause he lost his friend Ed from ohio
Mike Watt and drummer from minuteman
The Dead Kennedys
San francisco
Jello Biafra
"Alternative Tentacles" albbum
Bad Brains
African American
Minor Threat
Dischord Records
Ian Mackaye -vox
Rites of Spring
First EMO-core band
Ian Mackaye - forms this band with a guitar player
Very ethical band (all ages at show, album 5 bucks
Husker Du
SST - black flag label
First of the small punk bands to sign to a major record label
Warner Bros
THe replacements
Paul Westerberg - gtr/vox/songs
Zero boys
Paul Mahem
Meat Puppets
SST records
nirvana covered their song
Lake of Fire
Up on the Sun
Big Black
Steven Albini - vox/gtr
also a producer
Sinead O'Connor
Bald and from Ireland
Survived child abuse and told about it
torn up picture of pope
Beat Happening
From Olympia washington
Calvin Johnson
Formed "K" Records
Bikini Kill
Comes from the band Green River
The rest of band becomes "Mother Love Bone"
Kurt Cobain
Steven Albini - producer
BUy from big black
Pearl Jam
Mother Love Bone - lead singer dies and becomes Pearl Jam