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What happened to the "Baby Boomers" from the 1950s?
They had all dissipated; nobody wanted to hear anymore 12-bar blues songs
Which two historical/social movements were prominent in the 1960s?
Civil Rights Movements and Womens liberties; led by Martin Luther King
What were some of the political issues that the United States and the Kennedy administration faced in the 1960s?
Space Race, Castro (Bay of Pigs), Beginnings of Vietnam and the Cold War.
What new electronic instrument was developed during the mid- to late- 1960s? Who invented it?
Moog Synthesizer- created by Robert Moog and Don Buchla
What was happening with the pioneers of Rock and Roll at the turn of the decade?
Rock started to lose its power. The pioneers started to leave the scene in the 1960s. Elvis (Army); Chuck Berry (jail); Buddy Holly (dead); Little Richard (religion); Jerry Lee Lewis (scandal)
What were the lyrics in most Folk Music about?
Boys; girls; "The Kingston Trio" Tom Booley
What college group started the Urban Folk Trend(fold music with political and social thought)?
Urban Folk Music Trend, Real Issues
What ws the image of the Urban Folk artist?
all acoustic instruments, matching outfits, clean cut
What are the two interpretations of Peter, Paul and Mary's song, Puff the Magic Dragon?
1. It's about (marijuana)
2. Social commentary and lost pleasures of childhood
What is unique about the instrumentation of the Folk Music style?
What ws the geographical center for Surf Music?
Southern California
What Surfing Music song is considered to be a milestone in the development of Rock and Roll in 1966? Why?
Good Vibrations; it used echo effects, editing, and the expeiment with recording technology
Who performs this song (Good Vibrations)? What strange instrument was used in it?
Beach Boys; Theremin (invented in 1921)
What Dance Craze artist was previously known for imitating and performing music of other singers?
Earnest Evans- Chubby Checker (covered in 'the twist')
Who is Dick Clark?(host of what show?)
American Bandstand