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Music during the Shang Dynasty (1500BC-1050 BC)
ocarinas, stone-chimes, bronze bells, drums (ku)
sacrificial ceremonies and witchcraft
bells with two-tones
drums of eel skin or ox hide
bamboo pipes (yu)
Music during the Zhou Dynasty (1050BC-256BC)
rules for music and rituals
worshipped ritual (Ya Yue)
feudal system
tied to ruling class/patriarchal
Music during the Qin Dynasty (221BC-207BC)
offices for regulating music:
-Music Conservatory (Shaofu) for emperor
-Fengchang for ritual music
Music during the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD)
Music Conservatory big, collect folk songs
Li yannian
7BC abolished, performers doing rituals
Formative Period song forms
Xianghe Ge: one person, others join

We Ge: Xianghe Ge with instruments (zither, lutes, panpies, flutes)

Daqu: We Ge with intro (yan) and concluding (qu or luan)