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What is geologic time scale?
They are divisions scientist use to represent evolutionary time.
After the Precambrian Time what are the basic divisions of the geologic time scale?
Eras and periods
What are eras subdivided into?
What is macroevolution?
Large scale evolutionary changes that take place over long periods of time.
What are 6 IMPORTANT PATTERNS of macroevolution?
Mass extinctions, adaptive radiation, convergent evolution, coevolution, punctuated equilibrium, changes in developmental genes.
Why are extinctions important for macroevolution?
More niches are available for rest of organisms. It opened a new world of ecological oppurtunity.
What is adaptive radiation?
A single species evolved into several different forms that live in different ways. (Darwin's finches)
What is convergent evolution?
It is the long-term effect of adaptive radiation. It is when unrelated organisms resemble one another. (dolphins and sharks)
What is coevolution?
PRocess where two species evolve in response to changes in each other over time.
What is punctuated equilibrium?
Pattern of long, stable periods interrupted by brief perios of more rapid change.
What did Miller and Urey's experiments suggest?
Organic compounds that are needed in life could have been produced from simpler compounds present on an early earth.
What are proteinoid microspheres?
Tiny bubbles formed by large organic molecules. They have characteristics of living systems.
What is the endosymbiotic theory?
Eukaryotic cells came from living communities formed by prokaryotic organisms.