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what year did the Sinai War start?
who participated in the Sinai?
Egypt vs Israel Britain and France
The reason for start of Sinai?
Egypt nationalize the Suez Canal

Egypt blockade on Eilat
The personalities in Sinai war?
Ben Gorion -P.M.

Moshe Dion- Cheif of Staff
The result of the Sinai
Israel withdrew from Sinai

Suez Canal reopened
When was the start of the Yom Kippur War?
Oct. 6 1973-oct. 22 1973
Who participated in the Kippur war?
Egypt, Syria
waht was the reason for for the start of the war?
Egypt started to build forces in the border

surprise attack by Syria and Egypt on Yom Kippur
who was the important personalities int he Kippur War?
David Elazar-Chief of Staff

Moshe Dion- Minister od Defense

Golda Meir- P.M.
The out come for the Kippur war
later there was a peace treaty between Israel adn Egypt
What does the word Intifada mean?
up rising
what year did the 1st Intifada start?
who participated in the 1st Intifada?
Palestinians who lived in the West Bank and Gaza
What was the reason for the start of the 1st intifada?
Palestinian civilians attacked Israeli troops and people
who were the important personalities in the 1st Intifada?
Yitzhak Shamir- P.M.
Yitzhak Rabin-Minister of Defense
Don Shomron- Cheif of staff
what was the out come of the 1st Intifada?
many casualties

Osolo accord agreement
When did the Lebanon war start?
July 12-september 8 2006
who participated in the Lebenon War?
(military force- southern Lebenon)
What was the reason for the start of the Lebenon War?
3 Israeli soldiers were kidnapped

Katusha bombing
Who were the important personalities in the Lebenon War?
Edhud Omert-P.M.
what was the outsome of the Lebenon War?
no body won
Who are the terrorist groups? and Where are they located?
(west bank and gaza)
(southern Lebenon)
Who is the presidnet of Egypt?
Abdul Nassar