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What are the 4 aims of life?
Kama - enjoyment
Artha - money making (Material end of life) make money for family
Dharma - Good Conduct, living according to the law and, having a moral conscience.
Moksha - Spiritual emacipation. The awareness
What are the 4 stages of life?
4 Asramas (stages)
Brahmacharya - student. (literally means celibacy)
Grhastha - The married state (the domestic life). Have a family
-Vanaprastha - slowly begin to detach yourself form social and family situations
-Sannyasa - Dedicate yourself to the purpose of God and truth. Renouncing life
What are the 4 Vedas?
What are the 4 castes?
Brahmins - priests. In charge of the religious functions of life (Spiritual power)
Kshatryas - a person who is in charge of running the kingdom/government (Temporal Power)
Vaishyas - Merchants, Workers, wealthy farmers
-Sudras - The people who do the jobs that no one wants to do. Landless peasants, sharecroppers, etc. Potters, people who work with leather.
Dalits - The untouchables
Indian Scriptures are based on what 2 categories?
Sruti (revealed text) and Smriti (remembered)
A word used to describe the castes in India
What was early Indian religion called?
What came after metaphysics in the timeline of religion?
practical morality
Makes a split between the monks and the laity (other people)
What are the 4 noble truths of Buddhism?
-All existence is suffering (Dukha)
-The cause of suffering is ignorance (Avidya)
-If there is a cause, there has to be a cure for suffering
-The 8 fold path is the cure
What did the Buddha believe about the Upanishads?
The Upanishads were too abstract and metaphysical. They cannot be applied to everyday life.
What is Buddhism based on?
8 fold path
Name 4 of the 8 fold paths.
right speech, conduct, mode of livelihood, right effort (means count more than the end), right-mindedness, right meditations
Who was Mahivira?
Mahivira was the founder of Jainism
What to Jains believe about God?
There is no God because there is no way to prove it
Who was the Indian ruler who fought alexander?