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Ancient civilizations used _______, ______, _______, _______ and ______ as anesthetics
cocoa leaves
mandrake root
Egyptians used _______ and ______
opium poppy
Regional anesthesia was achieved by compression of _________ or the application of _________
nerve trunks
Incas chewed ________ and spat saliva (cocaine) into the operative wound.

Valerius Cordus discovered?
coca leaves

_________ produced nitrous in 1772 for recreational use
_________ was the first MD to use diethyl ether for the removal of a small cyst in 1772.
________ was an early pioneer of nitrous (1844)
Joseph Priestly

Crawford Long

Horrace Wells
___________ first demonstrated the use of ether for surgical anesthesia in an OR (the ether dome) in 1845

Florence nightingale said hospitals didn't have to be _______
William T.G. Morton DDS

pest houses
Who invented the hypodermic syringe?

Who used chloroform and stimulants at the battle of gettysburg during the civil war?
Alexander Wood

Mrs. Harris
Who first used topical cocaine for anesthesia of the eye?

What did August Bier do?
Carl Koller

Did first spinal and developed the Bier block
What was special about the Mayo clinic?

Who was the mother of anesthesia?
it was opened with nurse anesthesia

Alice Magaw
Who founded the AANA? What year?

Who was the first anesthesiologist and what year?

Who first used anesthesia and for what?
Agatha Hodgins 1931

John Smith, 1941

James Stimpson in 1847, he gave it to Queen Victoria for childbirth in 1853 and 1857