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What are some aspects of cultures?
food, language, architecture, art, music, political beliefs, and religion
what does B.c. stand for?
b.c. stands for before christ
what does b.c.e. stand for?
before common era
what does a.d. stand for?
amno domini year of the lord
what does c.e. stand for?
common era
how does the century system work?
add two zeros and subtract 99 years
why do laws exsist?
to protect society
why do people choose to believe in myth over reason?
gives a satisfying explanations for the mysteries of life
what is a pharoh?
a god decended from a god
Give an example of egyptian archtiecture that has influenced the u.s.
king tuts face on the luxor hotel and casino in las vegas, also the eygiptian obelisk for the washington memorial
what rive and current day country are ascociated with the ancient civilazaition of mesopatamia?
tigris and eurphates river in iraq
what is the code a hammurabi?
mesopatamian laws carved into stone
how does writtingthe law effect how it is applied?
so the laws cant be changed for rich or poor pepople
why do punishment differ in diffrent communites?
laws refelct community standards , communities differs on aplaction of th law
in ancient greece what were the war prisioners turned into slaves called?
name two groups unable to prticipate im democratice decision
women and slaves
what did pericles say about thise who didnot chose to participate to vote?
they have no place in a democratic soiety
what do we call a stae of no law?
what do we call a system of government with a king or queen?
what is the theory of govenment that says that a monarch recives right to rule?
the divine rights of kings
what do we call a system of goverment in which a few people rule?
what do we call someone who takes power by overthrowing the old government?
what title is gived which allows absolute rule?
What is the diffrence between dictator and tyrant?
dictator is given power and tyrant takes it
what do we call a government in which free citizens rule themselves?
what is the advantage to a direct democracy?
takes time and sometimes money but evreyone has a say
what is the u.s.?
Compare a president and a king
a king inhariets power and a president is elected to be president
what was the old term used to describe high ground in ancient greece?
what are the advantages in placing a fort in an elevated posistion?
better sightline and gravity on your side
how has the parthenon influenced american archituecture?
the lincoln memorial (columns)
what did the greeks call thier self governing unit?
polis - city state
what did the greeks call a large square surronded by shops?
how have the ancient greeks influence contemporary sports?
the olympics
what did the greeks call some who predicted the future with psychic means?
the oracle
what is the diffrence between montheism and polytheism?
monotheism is the belief in one god
how did the men prepare for after life?
his own free will, he had to chose between good and evil
what country was the home of the persian empire?
what is the name of the persian king who defeated the spartans?
Darius I
who took over for darius I?