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Why is the middle east conflict area?
A. Arab Rivals- Nosuch thing as Arab Unity
1.Palestinian Seperatists
2.Arab Nationalsts-Want one country only
3.Syria & Jordan
B. Colonialism-has to do with colonies
-Post WW1
-Ottoman Empire fight with Germany
-England & France do not give independence
C. U.S. Involvement is the Cause
-Because we are allied with israel
We want to have sphere of influence in Israel
D. Economic inequality is the cause
-has to do with where the oil was
-Syria is poor
E. Israel
1. Zionist movement- making state for the jews
-1948- United nations created Israel
-750,000 palestinians were desplaced 6 day war, Israel obtained Occupied Territories-Gaza Strip, Golan Heights, Sinai Penninsula, and west bank
2. Road map to peace-3 phases
1.Both sides (Israel & Pal.) must end violence
2.Both sides must participate in process of creating 2 differnet states
3.Establishment of palestinian state & an end to the conflict
-PLO-Palestinian Liberation Organization
Yasser Arafat-Pres. Of Plo till 2004. Goal was destruction of israel. In 1993, they changed, achnoleged the right for Israel to exist.
B.OSLO Accords
-Prime Minister to Israel & PLO president agreed to recognize Israel as a Country in exchange for land -"Land for Peace"
-Doesnt recognize Israels right to exist
-want destruction of Israel
-Betrael of Gods way-OSLO Accords
-Every muslim responsibility to take part in desturcting Isreal
-Funded by Iran
D. Islamic Jihad
-Holy War
-Against Arab countries with differnet beliefs
-Smaller, and well-funded
-Based in Syria
-Extremest group in lebanon
-founded in 1982
-responsible for famous kidnappings
-1983-bombing of us embassy in beruit
-63 dead
-Truck bombing in military
Central America
A. Nicauagua
-1979 sandinistan govt formed
-made turn to socialism
-1984 daniel ortega vs. contras
-US had to intervene
-Closer to South America
-PRG-Peoples Revolutionary Govt.
-Maurice Bishops
-Oct. 1983-US invades Grenada
-Media arrived before Military