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is a political work by Machiavelli
The Prince
means rebirth
Luthers written attack on abuses of the church
95 Theses
made Martin Luther an outlaw in the Holy Roman Empire
Edict of worms
were meetings that reaffirmed Catholic teachings
council of Trent
officially ended the Thirty years war
Peace of Westphalia
granted Puritans, not Catholics, the right of free public worship
Tolerance act of 1689
was what was left after Cromwell purged the members who didnt support him
Rump Parliament
were French Calvinist
is the economic theory to decrease imports and increase exports
argued that before society was organized humans had natural rights and government was created to protect citizens rights
John Locke
were allied with parliament against Cardinal Mazarin that succeeded in making him flee from france for a time, but ultimately lost power in 1653 and Mazarin returned
The Fonde
s an art form that was developed in Turkey in the fifteenth century. Mineral and vegetable dyes are sprinkle on water mixed with gun and the gall fluid of cattle, over which a sheet of paper is laid, creating unique and unrepeatable patterns
were low ranking officials of Hindu descent who got paid by keeping part of collected taxes
a place for rest and bath during Journeys
under his leadership the Ottomans conquered
Mehmet II
elite guard of the Ottoman Turks mad up of young Christian boys
founder of Mogul dynasty in India
is a wood structure used in a ceremonial buring (suttee) of a body during a funeral
combined Persian- Indian motifs style of paining
Akbar style
expanded his empire to rule almost all of India in the 1600s
ottoman religious, legal and educational system
underground prision used in 1756 where a large number of British POWs perished
Black hole of Calcutta
the longest canal or artificial river in the world, starting in Beijing and ends in Hangzhou
Grand Canal
was a Chinese anti- Manchu uprising that occurred during the Qing Dynasty. It broke out in 1796 among impoverished settlers. Rebellion caused the deaths of some 16 million people
white lotas Rebellion
are foot soldiers wheras cavalry is a soldier on horseback
is any country or society which willfully walls itself off metaphorically or physically from the rest of the world
Hermit Kingdom
The MIng dynasty was able to do all of the following except
dig the erie canal
All of the following contributed to the downfall of the Ming dynasty exept:
European Politics
Which of the following is not a Qing Tradition
the females brought their husbands home to live with there family once a dowry was paid
The Shites believed that the Shah
was a direct successor of Muhammad
By the late eighteenth century, Mogul prosperity was shaken by
the coming of the British
The British successes in India were achieved through the military genius of
Sir Robert Clive
The Shah Jahan had the ____ built in memory of his favorite wife
Taj Mahal
All of the following were examples of Ottoman art except:
Suleiman the Magnificent did not
kill his brother to become sultan
The division of Christianity in
German into Catholic and Lutheran states was recognized by:
the peace of Augsburg
Henry of Navarre
back up his conversion with the Edict of Nantes
The Thirty Years War was fought primarily in
Holy Roman Empire
AFter the Thirty years war, which country emerged as the most dominant in Europe?
Don Quixote taught
balance dreams with hard work
those accused of witchcraft
were usually poor and single women
Oliver Cromwell fought for the king and was able to take control of France and establish a commonwealth and then a military dictatorship
England was able to stay out of the Thirty Years war
Cardinal Richelieu strengthened the power of the monarch by taking away the Huguenots political and military rights and executing conspirators
Austria could not attain a highly centralized absolutist state because there were too many different national groups
When the Spanish Armada defeated Elizabeth, Philip II and Russia gained world wide respect as the strongest monarchy
Mehmet II served the longest in the expansion of the Ottoman Empire
Selim I did not expand the empire in Europe