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archaeological term describing groups of artifacts manufactured for human use that are distributed over a large geographic area and persisting for long periods of time
Which tradition was "an alien culture": Paleo, Archaic, Woodland, Mississippi?
Mississippi-"an alien culture"
When was Plymouth colony founded?

(Jamestown- 1607)
wealthy Dutchmen offered large estates along Hudson River, wanted to populate and develop them with tenants. Bad way of settlement, failed way of getting colonists New World
"Best poor man's country"
status quo antebellum
after war things went back to the way they were before
Who were the French and Indian wars with?

What were the results?
French vs. Britian (England)

Britian won and Empire and French lost all their New World territory (pretty much)
hard money: silver, gold, metal
Stamp Act
Was a DIRECT tax from Britian on the colonies, taxing newspapers, diplomas, legal docs., etc.
What did Lord North do?
(was British Prime Minister) he repeals the Townshend Act (except for the tax on tea)
standing army
permanant paid professional army of soldiers. colonists hated it
The Battle of Quebec was during which war and why was it important?
The Battle of Quebec was the big final battle of the French and Indian Wars at St. Lawrence River
During the Stamp Act what did the colonists mean by "no taxation without representation"?
They did not mind being taxed, but wanted to be tax by their representatives in the Assembly only. They did not want to be taxed directly from Britian, which was illegal
What was a "tool of tyrants"?
the standing army
Mississippi Tradition
"an alien culture"
"blood in the streets"
Boston Massacre
The American Prohibitory Act
American declaration of war, with Britian
What countries helped us during the revolution?
foreign loans: ($8 million) from Fance, Holland, Spain

French soldiers came over and helped
What was the most important battle of the Revolution?
What battle can be compared to Gettysburg of the Civil War?
Battle of Saratoga of the American Revolution. It was the most important battle of the Revolution
Who was defeated at Saratoga?
Britian's: Burgoyne
George Rogers Clark
ends British rule in the North West (Illinois)
What was the turning point of the Southern Civil War?
Battle of King's Mountian: whigs vs. torries. Whigs win!
Battle of King's Mountian
turning point of Southern Civil War
double envelopment
battle from 2 sides, at Battle of Cowpens
Result of the siege of Yorktown
Cornwallis pushed out of South and forced to surrender
property would go from father to eldest son
What created a "perpetual" league of sovereign states?
Articles, each state could have up to 7 delegates (only 1 vote) in a unicameral legislature
division of power between national and state government
Federalist papers written by Hamilton, Madison, and John Jay
Where was the proclamation of 1763?
Appalachian Moutians
Proclamation of 1763
colonists could not go west of Appalachians
"worst loss the US army ever suffered"
St. Claire's Defeat- Nov. 1791, US vs. Indians
Treaty of Mortefontaine
ended the Quasi-War with France, and cancelled the Treaty of Alliance
St. Claire's Defeat
"worst loss the US army ever suffered" US vs Indians