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Congress of Vienna
1814-1815 First order of business; boundaries
Second order of business; restoring order
Quadruple Alliance
Great Britain, Russia, Austria and Prussia negotiated the Treaty of Chaumont which became the cornerstone of the Quadruple Alliance. They pledged to stay united for twenty years in order to ensure peace with France
Conference System
Concert of Europe
The concert of Europe was the solution to restore order.
They want to avoid war because it is destabilizing and could lead to revolution
-the concert of Europe was designed so that they could discuss differences without going to war.
To Restore legitimate rule in Europe is to restore the traditional rulers like the Bourbons. Any change of the state is seen as a challenge to legitimacy and grounds for intervention. The control to legitimacy came during the restoration.
Restore legitimate rule in Europe, restore the traditional rulers. The government put into power is calling the "restoration" this is the restoration of the bourbon family in France. The old regime was not a constitutional monarch but it was a goal to establish a constitutional monarchy and they did. They couldn't restore an entire monarchy
Holy Alliance
1815 So that the powerful nations wouldn't prey on its neighbors. They agreed to recognize each other as brothers, so it is a granutee of peace. An Alliance that depended on the Christian bond to stop war
Alexander I
The leader of Russia
1815 and 1848 central Europe was dominated by a single personality, Prince Klemens von Metternich, the actual political leader of Austria. The "coachman of Europe," as he was called by those who respected his far-flung power, dominated the first half of the century,
The concept of a Concert of Europe was largely his creation, and his influence did much to promote the practice of diplomacy by conference. He was one of the great powers of the Quadruple Alliance.
1815-1847 Is defined as a reaction against the alignment. That the emphasis on reason misrepresents life and that what it means to be human is to strive and take chances.
Caspar David Friedrich
1809 A famous German painter known for his religiously symbolic paintings. His seemingly non-symbolic paintings have deep hidden meanings. He painted Monastery Graveyard in the Snow
Eugene Delacroix
1830 He was a romantic painter who painted Liberty Leading the People
The idea was to foster institutions that will allow the development of human rights. An aspiration for the future. They are more realistic. Believed that economics and politics are separate and wanted free market.
believed there most be revolution. They thought there was a connection between politics and economics
The difference between radicals and republicans were public participati
Nationalism in this time period is new, it is a modern ideology and it is dated to the French Revolution. It is linked to sovereignty and citizenship. Nationalism used to be attributed to the left and towards the end of the 19th century becomes a right side ideal
Revolutions of 1830
The high point of the revolution. The revolution spread like wildfire as quickly as it came it left. After the July Revolution revolts erupted in Belgium and Poland, and several Italian and German States. These revolutions overturned the established order.
July Monarchy
1830 it was a stage in politics where the electoral base of France is gradually broadened.
And the rulers had to give in to a constitutional monarchy in order to stay in power
1805-1872 One of the most famous of all nationalist propagandists. Strived for a fellowship of free and equal men bound together in a brotherly concord of labor towards a single end. He wrote “Duties of Men
Cult of Domesticity/separate spheres
Public and Private life where to be kept very separate from each other. It is the clear distinction between public and private sphere. Public is the men's world and private is the women’s world.
Hannah More
Was a writer who attempted to provide models for Christian men and women, models that offered guidance in the practices of daily life. As her career progressed she directed her writings toward the middle class society
A Reform movement inside the Anglican Church. The message focused on sin, guilt and the possibilities of redemption
Socialism makes a new appearance on the scene and it is the most prominent in France. Working class and peasants are more interested in social revolutions than political.