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What was the House of Burguesses?
(1619) 1st representative legistlature in English Colonies
Explain everything you know about Jamestown.
(1607) John Smith; founded for economic reasons
Who was Ben Franklin?
Leader of Enlightenment; Inventor; Diplomat, Writer
What movement was Franklin part of?
What was the Mayflower Compact?
(1620) 1st form of self-gov in colonies
Identify representative government.
A gov where people are elected to make decisions for all
What landform was directly to the West of the English colonies?
Appalachian Mountains
Identify the results of the French and Indian War.
France left North America, English get Ohio River Valley
What was the English Bill of Rights?
Laws to give people representation in parliament
Define merchantalism.
Raw materials leave colonies go to mother country-turned into manufactured goods so that King George III gets rich
Define nationalism.
Being loyal to ones country
Define plantation.
Large farm in south w/ slaves taht sold cash crops
Define Mayflower Compact.
Established Majority Rules 1620- Plymouth Massachusetts
Define cash crop and give examples.
crops sold for money tabacco; cotton
William Penn was a? And he helped establish?
Quaker and Pennsylvania
What do the Mayflower Compact and the House of Burguesses have in common?
1st early forms of self-gov in english colonies
Identify economic activities in New England.
Shipping, Whaling, Commerce
Identify economic activities in the Middle Colonies.
wheat, "Bread basket, Iron, coal
Identify economic activities in the Southern Colonies.
Tobacco; Rice; Indigo= Agriculture
What was the Magna Carta?
1215-Trial by Jury
Why did the Pilgrims travel to the Colonies?
to escape religious persecution
What was the Enlightenment?
Time where people used science and reason to figure things out
Name three important men involved in the Enlightenment.
John Locke, Ben Franklin, Isaac Newton
What was the Great Awakening?
A time for religious revival; feeling and emotion (Independence)
Who was Johnathan Edwards?
Leader of Great Awakening
Why did the British Government adopt the policy of merchantalism?
to support the mother country
Under the system of merchantalism, what did England want the colonists to do with their raw materials?
Send to England
The ideas of individual rights trace their roots back to which Denglilsh Document?
(1215) Magna Carta English Bill of Rights
Why did the colonist resent laws such as the Stamp Act and Sugar Act?
Taxation without representation
What was the result of Common Sense? Who wrote it?
Paine, Loyalists became patriots -independence
What geological feature did the Proclamation of 1783 establish as the boundary for western settlement?
Appalachian Mountains
Why were colonists angry sbout the Boston Massacre?
Innocent colonists were shot - Crispus Attucks
How did Patrick Henry feel about freedom?
"Give me liberty, or give me death"
Why did the colonist consider the taxes passed by Parliament unfair?
They had no elected representation there
Who was Samuel Adams?
Leader of Sons of Liberty
What was the 1st battle of the American Revolution?
lexington and Concord
When did Paul Revere make his famous ride to warn of the British in advance?
1775 before L and C
What colony was the Battles of Lexington and Concord in?
Define Patiot:
One who lived in the colonies who wanted independence
Define Loyalist:
One who liveid in the colonies who stayed loyal to the king
What was George Washington's role in the AMerican Revolution?
Commanding General of the continental
What is the significance of 1776?
Dec of Ind Signed by Thomas Jefferson
What document did the Americans express their ideas of individual rights in?
Dec of Ind unalienable (life, liberty, :))
What does the Dec of Ind call the rights that all people have? What are these rights?
Life Liberty, Persuit of Happiness
Who wrote the Dec of Ind?
Thomas Jefferson
What are the grievances listed in the Declaraion of Independence? (4)
Proc. Line, Quartering, Taxes, Writs of Assistance
How did Abigail Adams feel about the role of women in the new government?
They had
which event took place as the result of the tea act?
Tea Party
Who was the King of England during the Revolution?
George III
Why was the Battle of Saratoga considered the turning point of the Revolution?
French jumped in
Which country did Ben Franklin convince to help Americans in the Rev. War?
List the advantages the American colonist had over Great Britain in the Rev.? (4)
Allies, Tactics, Knew Land, Distance, and
What was the last major battle of the Rev.?
List the terms of the Treaty of Paris, 1783 (2)
Border: Mississippi and recognized independence