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What are the 5 themes of Geography
1. Places
2. Human Environmental Interactions
3. Region
4. Movement
5. Location
Who is the oldest human found in Africa.
Lucy (Lucy in the Sky of Diamonds)
Any human creature that walks upright
Paleolithic Age
Old Stone Age
Neolithic Age
New Stone Age
using skills and ideas to improve life
homo sapiens
modern form of humans
people who didnt belong to a particular tribe and wandered looking for food + shelter
people who went out and either followed a herd of animals for food or went gathering for plants to eat
the taming of wild animals for human use
a long-lasting pattern of organization in a community
a complex culture with 5 characteristics
1. advanced cities
2. specialized workers
3. complex institutions
4. record keeping
5. advanced technology
exchange of goods not using money but by trading
What clues do bones, artifacts, and fossils give us about early people?
they tell us how people lived, what they looked like, how intelligent they were, and possibly how they died
What factors played a role in the origins of agriculture
The factors could have possibly been global warming (longer warming seasons), or the need for more food
What role did irrigation systems play in the development of civilizations
Irrigation systems allowed civilizations to grow because it allowed people to start to specialize in certain jobs = inventions = led to social classes, language, trading, power etc.
How did Ur's agrgicultural way of life foster the development of civilizations there?
With the development of irrigation systems- > there was a surplus of food which allowed people to start to specialize in certain jobs - leading to social classes + complex institution (e.g. govnt, social classes, temples, etc.)
The five themes of geography are ...
1. Places- indicates what an area looks like- physical + human forms
2. Human Environmental Interactions- human interactions cause population
3. Region- area with common characteristics
4. Movement- transfer of people, goods, and ideas from one place to another
5. Location- where in the world a certain area is