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you dont mess with us, and we won't mess with you
Fear of outsiders. "Red Scare" "Yellow Perill"
A. Mitchell Palmer
"Palmer Raids" - raid on labor unions
Dutch Shultz, Legs Diamond, Al Capone
a saloon or nightclub selling alcoholic beverages illegally
women who refuse to use corsets, cutting their hair short, and wearing short skirts, as well as by behavior such as drinking and smoking in public.
E. Hemingway
hated the mentality of the 1920s
Harlem Renaissance(Marcus Garvey)
"Back to Africa" movement --> encouraged those of African descent to return to the African homelands of their ancestors.
(R) Harding
allowed corrupt people to work for him, he was unaware of the corruption. He became very sick and died
Albert Fall
caught red handed taking a bribe in major scandal which was known as the Teapot Dome/Elk Hills. took a 400,000 bribe to allow oil companies to use the federal reserves at Teapot Dome & Elks Hills
Charles Forbes
responsible for money that was used to take care of veterans. Bought and sold land that didn’t belong to him. Involved in making and moving alcohol. Caught, prosecuted, and sent to jail.
Harry Daugherty
Surgeon General. Accused of being involved in alcohol trade. Refused to testify and resign. Prosecuted, sent to jail
Foreign Policy
Naval Conferences-->limit the size of Navy’s to prevent another world war. Coast to navy size ratio. 3 categories : (1) Britain & USA (2) France (3) Italy & Japan
1928 Kellog & Briand Pact
bilateral treaty between the United States and France outlawing war between the two countries.
Causes of The Great Depression
1. No Economic “common sense”
- Supply and demand
2. Unequal distribution of income
- Richer getting richer; poorer getting poorer
- < $2,000/ 24% economic/ 60% Population
> $10,000/ 29% economic/ 2.3% Population

3. Stock “foolishness”
- $21,000 gamble
4. Installment Buying
- Everyone wanted gadgets
-Used down payments - people would buy lots

5. Credit Buying
1930 - 4 million no jobs
1931 - 8 million no jobs
1932 - 12 million no jobs
Volunteerism, Individualism
1932 Bonus March
$1-1.25 Bonus for war vets.
if they were to wait for 20 years, they’d get an extra $1,000.
People wanted Money right then and the government wouldn’t give it to them.
Government didn’t have the money for everyone.
A way for vets to protest, until they got their money.
Shacks in the middle of town
RFC(Reconstruction Finance Corp.)
Hoover allowed the government to give loans on homes so people wouldn’t lose them.