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Pre- Colombian Civilization Remembered how?
Bering strait land bridge.
Walk across it
The early native american history is also called what period?
Beringian Period
Development of what in the Beringian period? What did these early native americans do?
Tool technology; travel from place to place
Work with them
Archaic Period is remembers how?
The end of the american mega fauna (big animals)
In the agricultural revolution the natives learned to? They also had a stable ___ ___?
cultivate plants; food supply
Meso-American Empires
Maya; Olemac; Aztecs
The aztecs controlled most of? There population was?
Central Mexico; 10 to 20 million people
Who had irrigatio canals and landscapes?
In the pacific NW the society focused mainly on?
Salmon and cedar
Patriatch ceremony is a party for?
Honor in the civilization
The mississippi river valley was from?
700-900 AD
The mississippi river valley was remembered for?
The ceremonial mounds and earthworks & pictograms drawn on the ground.
In the Atlantic Coastal Plain the Iroquois came from?
How much pop.?
Noviscotia to Florida; 10,000 pop.
The Iroquois developed a society where everyone is?
Native Americans view of environment.
Everything sacred, land sacred, group over individual, female dominated, polytheist more then 1 god.
Europeans view of environment.
Some sacred some not, property=wealth and status, everyone for self, male dominated,Monotheism one God
Africa and the spread of Islam was from?
What battle saved france?
The battle of tours.
Go on a trip
The network of trade across Northen Africa.
Gold-Salt Trade
In 1300AD what empire eclipses the Ghana Empire?
Mali Empire