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East India Company
Rechartered in 1709; exclusive monopoly

To help British merchants in India compete with Dutch
Mughal Empire
Textile trade, many British trading posts
bases of England, supported by merchants
Trading posts, where English lived
Nawab of Bengal
Starts to organize the East India Company's army in Bengal
Given political power
Battle of Plassey
Clive replaces Nawab with King, company becoming involved in power politics

EIC raising army and asking English for help
Governor general
In charge of British in India
The Raj
British rule in India functioned like British state
During the 2nd phase of imperialism, the British tried to use England as a role model for all...

Prohibited the widow from burning herself on her husband's pyre
Thomas Macaulay
Indian reforms, new law code for India
India Mutiny of 1857
English introduced a rifle rumored to use fat - upset hindus
Cawnpore: sepoys attacked English
Plantation system in Ireland
Install English settlers in Ireland to Englandize it

Ulster and Londonberry
Oliver Cromwell
First invader of Ireland, seizes land and gives it to his soldiers
Battle of the Boyne
William III puts down James II and his supporters in Ireland
Declaratory Act of Union
1720, Britain has the right to rule over Ireland
Wolfe Tone
"Argument on behalf of the Catholics of Ireland"
Exiled to America, tried to launch an invasion on England
Society of United Irishmen
Wanted equality for all religious denominations
(wolfe tone)
Landlords have the power to evict their peasants; no money, no potatoes
Potato Famine
Population falls from 8 to 5.6 million in one decade
Food riots
Millions emigrate
Disestablishment of the Anglican Church in Ireland
Gladstone said that its wrong that Catholics must pay the Anglican church
Charles Parnell
wanted Irish Home Rule; leader of the League
Home Rule League
Irish supporting group
Wants to reestablish Irish parliament at home
Joseph Chamberlain
Led individuals to vote against home rule