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What factors contributed to the revival of learning?
People needed to read and write to become lawyers and merchants, and needing to read the translated bible.
What were the purpose of guilds?
To monopolize trade and train new apprentices in a craft.
What were the different levels of apprentice-ship?
Page, journeyman and master.
Identify the principles of town charters
Wealthy nobles got exemption from feudal bonds and paying taxes
What two ideals fought within the church?
Religion and reason
Name two important scholastic thinkers
Peter Abelard
Thomas Equinus
Name three battles in the hundred years war
Battle of Agincourt, Poitiers and Crecy
What did Joan of Arc feel was her mission?
To recover French lands and reinstate the French dauphin to the throne.
Which two houses faught in the War of the Roses?
The houses of Lancaster and York.
Who won the battle of the roses?
The house of York.
Name three important literary works of the middle ages and their authors
The Devinne Comedy - Dante
Canterbury Tales - Chaucer
The Decameron - Boccaccio
How where towns built and what were they like?
Towns were dirty and flea infested. Garbage was thrown into the streets, and fragile wooden houses were built high up.
What was the Dogma?
The group of information that the church believed could answer all questions.
How was bubonic plague spread?
By fleas traveling on rats that infested cities and trade ships. Rats died out more during the winter months.
How did the 100 years war begin?
When king Charles IV died without an heir, Edward III claimed the French throne.
Why did the English archers use Longbows?
They could be fired from long distances and peirce the plate armor of French knights.
Where were Longbows first developed?
Why didn't the French knights use the Longbow?
They considered it socially beneath their chivalrous status.
What major weapon was developed during the middle ages?
The cannon and the firearm
On what charges was Joan of Arc put to death?
Witchcraft, because she heard saints talk to her in her head.
Why did people begin to distrust the church?
The church practiced simony, or the selling of church offices.
Who translated the bible into vernacular?
Jan Hus