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theroy promoted by Fredrick Taylor; held that every kind of work could be broken into series of smaller tasks and that rates of production could be set for each individual task
Scientific Management
proposed constitutional amendment
Equal Rights Amendment
Group founded by W.E.B Du Bois and other in 1909 to end racial discrimination
N.A.A.C.P- National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
President from 1921 to 1923 (Reb.)
Warren G. Harding
Secret society created by former Confererates in 1866 that used terror and viloence to keep Blacks from obtaining their civil rights
Ku Klux Klan
group of writers whose works reflected the horrors of the death and destruction of WWI and critized consumerism and superficiality in postwar society
Lost Gereration
Production system created by Henery Ford to make goods faster by moving parts on a converyer belt past workers
Assembly Line
Religous movement that teaches that the things in the Bible are true
music combining a variety of musical styles; originated with black musicians in New Orleans and gained jatioal popularity in the 1920's
complete ban on the manufacture, sale, and distribution of alcohol
Who are the athlete's of the 1920's?
Babe Ruth and Jim Thorpe
When Alber Fall sold all the Navy's oil
Teapot Dome Scandal
Secretary of Commerce during 1930's era
Herbert Hoover
President from 1933 to 1945
Franklin D. Roosevelt
President Roosevelt programs for helping the U.S economy during the Great Depression
The New Deal
Senator during the 30's that said the New Deal was too slow in easing the economic troubles of the nation
Huey Long
Breadlines and Shantytowns
a noted British economist, many of th New Deal recovery programs were based on therioes of this man
John Marnard Keynes
What were sme causes of the depression?
War debts, foreiners couldnt purchase american goods
the stock market crashed
name given to parts of the Great Plains in the 1930's after a sever drought struck the region
"the dust bowl"
What were some famous novels of the 1030's?
"Thay sound and the Fury", "As I Lay Dying"
New Deal agency created in 1930's to insure bank savings
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (F.D.I.C)
New Deal agency established in 1933; emplaymed yound men on conservation project
Civilian Conservation Corps(C.C.C)
New Deal Program made in 1933; built dams and power stations to provide hydroelectric power and flood control to the Tennessee River Valley
Tennesse Valley Authority(T.V.A)
created to assist home owners who could not meet their mortgage payments
Home Owners Loan Corporation(H.O.L.C)
When Roosevelt wanted to appoint one new justice for each of those 70 or older, up to 6 new justices
Increased tax on rich people
Revenue Act 1935
downwaord trend in stock prices
Bear Market
upward trend in stock prices
Bull Market
belief that success comes through individual effort and private enterprise
Rugged Indvidualism
was a major turning point in World War II, and is considered the bloodiest battle in human history and arguably one of the greatest come-backs in military history
Battlec of Stalingrad
June 6, 1944, WWII allied invasion of france
line defenses built by France along its border w/ Germany after WWI
Maginot Line
WWII battle in which the Japs. advance to New Guinea
Battle of the Coral Sea
WWII battle in which the Allies defeaed the final German offensive
Battle of the Bulge
secret French organization who opposed the Germans
The Resistance
pldge signed by U.S president Roosevelt and British prime miniter Churchill not to acquire new territory as a result of WWII and to work for peace after the war
Atlantic Charter
national policy of avoiding involvement in the affairs of other nations
pact by U.S and 14 other nationa that outlawed war, except for self-defence
Kellogg-Briand Pact
led the British in WWII, and pushed German troops out of Egypt and into Libya
Bernard Mongomery
Commander of of U.S forces and launched counterattacks on south koean capital
Douglas MacArthur
Commander of the German Afrika Korps
Erwin Rommel
commander of U.S Pacific Fleet
Chester Nimitz
6 week struggle for control of Key pacific island that resulted in an Allied victory
Battle of Iwo Jima
bloody battlr in the Pacific during WWII; resulted in an Allied victory
Battle of Okinawa
world 1st offical satelight; launched bt Soviet Un. (1957)
president of U.S 1945-1953, 1953 got fired by MacArthur
Harry Truman
won election of 1952 and promised to end WWII or Americans
Dwight Eisenhower
Surpreme Court ruling that established "separate-but-equal" doctrine for public facilities
Plessy vs. Ferguson
1954, declared racial segragation illegal in public schools
Brown vs. Board of Eduacation
alliance formed in 949 by the U.S , Western European nations, and other countries to help defend eachother in case of attack
North Atlantic Treaty Organization(N.A.T.O)
What made the growth of the Suburbs?
The population increased because of the baby boom, cities wer become over crowded, it was noisey in the city and dirty
long power struggle between U.S and soviet Un., waged mostly on economic and political fronts, rather than on battle field
Cold War
Eisenhower offered military aid to any Middle Easterm nation seeking help in resisting communist aggression
Eisenhower doctrine
What were some satellite countries?
Soviet Union
operatiom in which British and U.S planes carried food and supplies to West Berlin, which had been cut off by Soviet blockade
Berlin Airlift
U.S foreign policy during the Cold War tht sought to prevent the expansion of Soviet communist
U.N that imclude 5 permient memebers and 10 rotating members...Soviet, Britian, France, China, and U.S were perminent
United Nations Security Council
U.N that include all member nations
Untied Nations General Assembly
British forces withdrew from ______Jewish leaders rapidly proclaimed the new state of Israel
Law that gave judges the power to end some stricks, outlawed closed-shop agreements, restricted unions' political contributions and required leaders to swear they were not communists
Taft-Hartley Act
law that made it a federal crime to prevent qualified persons from voting
Civil Rights Act of 1957