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Cyrus the Great
founder of Persian empire
issued first human rights document
Darius I
Persian emperor
expanded Persian rule
Persian emperor
son of Darius I
led attack on Greece in Battle of Thermopylae
Zend Avesta
sacred book of Zoroastrianism
Maurya emperor
expanded empire
converted to Buddhism
wrote Arthasastra
written by Asoka
told kings how to behave
Chandra Gupta I
Gupta emperor
Indian civilization flourished
Chandra Gupta II
Gupta emperor
ruled through the Gupta's Golden Age
Gupta empire read this Hindu text
Dynastic Cycle
1. Instability
2. Stability
3. Prosperity
4. Overconfidence
5. Disaster
Wu Di
the Han Dynasty's longest-ruling emperor
ruled during Pax Sinica
leveling: leveled out surplus and famine of farming
established universities, civil service system
Han Dynasty
Capital: Chang'an
Silk Road
China to Europe
used for trade
Persian Royal Roads
originally built for king's armies
merchants used them
aided cultural diffusion
Chinese technology
paper, seismograph, sundial, water clock, acupuncture, coinage, weight measurements