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Whose influence started German nationalism between 1807 and 1812?
TRUE/FALSE: The congree of Vienna saught to change their status.
FALSE-they wanted to keep their status quo
What is the zollverein?
A Prussian created economic union that removed tarrifs between German states
What two words did Otto Von Bismark use as a policy to unite German states under Prussian rule?
Why was Otto Von Bismark so successful?
His trong will and ability to minipulate others were two contributers.
Master of Realpolitik
A tough-minded evaluation when evaluating needs of state- THE END JUSTIFY THE NEEDS
Who did Bismark ally with in order to sieze Schleswig and Holstein from Denmark?
Because the Purssian forces defeated Germany, who became kaiser?
William I
Who founded the Holy Roman Empire in the 900's?
King Otto
In result of the war, describe German government?
-2 house legislature...
:The Bunderstrat as upper house & The Reichstod as lower house
How did the German governtmant PROMOTE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT?
By organizing the banking system
What was Bismark's foreign policy goal concerning France?
To keep them isolated
The term used to describe the battle for civilisation
Why did Bismark pioneer social reforms in Germany?
To woo workers from socialism
What year did they ask Bismark to resign?
In response to the congress of Vienna, Italian nationalists tried to...
Expel Austrian forces from Northern Italy
Italian nationalist movement
What shrewd politician brougth about Italian unification?
How was Sardinia able to defeat Austria and annez Lombardy?
With the help of the french
What two countries were taken control of by Gerboldi's forces?
Sicily and Naples
Who turned over Naples and Sicily to VICTOR EMANUEL II?
Gerbaldi and Mazzini
After unifications, relations between _____ and _____ were hostile
What is an anarchist?
A person who wants to abolish all governemnt
What is Emigration?
To leave the country
Waiting to maintain a traditional way of life, the Hapsburg tried to do what?
Limit Industrial Development
What did Francis Joseph I try to do with his empire?
Stregnthen is by granting a new constitution
How did Ethnis groups react?
They WERE NOT PLEASED with the new constitution
Who helped work out a compromise that led to the dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary?
Francis Drake
What was Austria Hungary?
What role did Francis Drake play in the monarchy?
He was the EMPEROR of Austria and KING of Hungary
Why did the nationalist movements break in the Hapsburg Empire?
Serveral ethis groups chared the same reigon
How was the Ottoman Empire similar to the Austrian Empire?
Both were mulitnational
Why were the Balkans and Ottoman territories called the POWER KEG?
They were conflicting interests in the reigon
What was an obstacle to Russian Progrees?

The Rigid Social Structure
The 3 pillars of Russian Absolution
1) Orthoodxy
The turning point in Russian history in 1861
Emancipating the church
Who are the People's Will?
A revolutionary group that assasinated officials and plotted to kill the czar-THEY DID!
What were the POGROMS?
Violent mob attacks against the Jews
Who is a refuee?
People who flee their homeland to seek safty elsewhere
What did Count Serge Witte do?
He made economis developments a key goal
What was the document issued by Nicholas II

i.s-promised freedom of speech and assembly!!!
The October Manifesto
What three things were used by Peter Stoly to restore the order after the revolution?
Arrests, Pogroms, and Nationalism
How did the people feel about Peter Stolypin
They loved and respected him