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Young leader of the USSR who sees its problems and makes policies to reform it
Gorbachev policy of openness that allows people to talk about their problems
Gorbachev policy of restructuring - find solutions for econ reforms, trim military budget
fell in nov 1989 and symbolized the fall of the USSR influence
Berlin Wall
made my members of the SU communist party - attempt made, fails because people dont want to be hardcore communist again
August Coup
President of Russia during the coup and gets Gorbachev to resign, USSR will dissolve
Boris Yeltsin
privatizes goods for profit - done by Yeltsin
region inside of Russia that wants independance
current president of Russia
Vladimir Putin
war over religion identities Shile vs. Sunni
Iran-Iraq war
India's people party who wants Hindu to be the only Indian
the Bobri muslim masque that the BJP destory
current INdian Prime minister - guides india to transition of free market, he is an economist
Manmohan Singh
first non Italian pope
Pope John Paul II
process of the world becoming smaller, cheap communication, transporation
France and West Germany place all of their steel under international control
European Coal and Steel Community
creates the EEC, Euratom, and free trade - lowers tariffs and removes them for member nations
Treaties of Rome
combines the ECSC, EEC and euratom and makes the common market
Brussels Treaty
pledges to create a europe without borders and free movemment
Single European Act
establishes the ECB, EU and euro
Treaty of Maatstricht
common currency in europe
common european market
European Union
yugo communist who suppresses ethnic issues to make a unified yugo and yugo idenitity
Marshall Tito
Serbian President who believes all Serbs should be governed by Serbia, he fights croatia and bosnia, does genocide
cleanign out Non serbs
ethnic cleansing
catholic, orthodox, muslim
agreement made between Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia to hold up borders
Dayton Peace Agreements
Albanian muslims succeed from serbia here and milosevic goes mad
milosevic gets tried for war crimes, rape is a crim
International War Crimes Tribunal
created in 1910 by british and dutch controling
union of south africa
said blacks canot own more than 13% of land
Native Land Acts
official segration of south africa
opposes british and dutch, protest for peace
african national congress
ANC protest turning point in tactics, shift to labor strikes and armed protest
sharpeville massacre
leader of ANC, sent to prision for many years, becomes president
nelson mandela
lifts ban on ANC, frees mandela, apartheid rebeals, land given back
FW deKlerk
offered an oppurtunity to talk about deal with past, give testimoeis, gave poeple land and money and amnesty
truth and reconciliation commission
headed the Truth andn Reconciliation commission with Mandela
Archbishop Demond Tutu
in rwanda they were laborors, short dark
tall light overseeers
genocide against Tutsis by Hutu
war from rwanda that spread to all africa
First African World War
leads China fro 79-97 after mao dies and does the four modernizations, econ liberalism
Deng Xiaoping
leads china from 97-02
Jiang Zemin
present day leader of China
Hu Jintao
made by Xiaoping, -- economic liberalism, end collectivization, does privatization, end foreign investments
four modernizations
problem in china of people flooding to cities
floating population
university protest in china
Tiananmen Square
cult and competition to CP that china suppressed
Falun Gong
deals with caste system in India
Mandal commission
backwards classes in the caste system - victims in system
provides short term loans for countries having trouble meeting debt
international monetary fund
any economic activity in India required a government permit
permit raj