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Mesoamerican Civilizations significant as they were the main civilizations occupying latin america during the first stage (pre-columbus) of the developement of Latin America. The Mayas were a people based in the Yukatan peninsula. They contained two distict periods including the old empire and the new empire. Their key accomplishments include a system of writing called ideography, an accurate calender, a system of numbers and a ball game including human sacrifices. Their civilization disappeared before the conquistadores. The aztecs were a arrior people, they believed in a god by the name of Quetzalcuatl and that human sacrifices were required to keep the earth going and to bring him back. They were based in central mexico with the capitol of Tenochitlan. Their key accomplishments include large temples/pyramids, houses of youth and market places. The incas were a people based in Peru with an absolute monarchy called the Inca. Their key accomplishments include the use of quipas, knotted strings, as a type of writing.
A dictator that comes to power with the backing of the army and land owners. They are significant because they came to power after South America was independant in the 1800's.
Descendants of peninsulares, people living in latin america but born in spain or portugal. They are significant as they were behind many of the rebellions and were most of the revolutionaries and liberators.
Conquerors from europ such as Cortez and Pizarro who were significant as they took over the civilizations in the first stage of the development of Latin america such as the Aztecs and the Incas. They aloud for the settling of colonies there. Their motives included "gold, god and glory"
A system of forced labour in which many indians were forced to work lands and pay tribute to the land owners in return for them to be converted to catholics. It is significant because it caused the suffereing of many indians and the apposing of many peoplle such as Las Casas.
Simon Bolivar
-One of the revolutionaries during the Latin american revolution
-"The liberator".
-He liberated Venezuela, Columbia, equador, peru and panama.
-"George Washington of South America".
-Later became the president of great columbia.
San Martin
-originally a member of the spanish army
-turned to liberating in latin america.
-Family in Argentina
-Liberated Chile
-captured the capital of Peru
-Met with Bolivar to discuss the end of the revolution
-went into exhile after withdrawing his troops.
-a creole priest
-called town of pelores together and gave the "Grito de delores"
-Apposed slavery, demanded independence and thereturn of indian land.
-Gathered an army of 50,000 men while marching to Mexico city.
-Army to organized by its arrival
-retreats and was later cought and executed
-Considered the "father of mexican independence"
Toussaint L'Ouverture
An ex-slave who lead a slave rebellion against the french
A mixtujre of indian blood. At the bottom of the class system and was taxed highly.
Mix of african blood.
Which came first:
Columbus discovers New World


Cortes takes Tenochtitlan
Columbus discovers New World
Which came first?

Napoleon invades spain


Monroe doctrine is issued
Napoleon invades spain
Which came first?
Pizarro takes peru
Bolivar becomes dictator of Peru
Pizarro takes Peru
Which came first?

TLO is sent to France
Miguel Hidalgo gives his "Cry of Dolores"
TLO is sent to france
Latin america is
Everything south of the rio grande
The revolutionary responsible for liberating five republics is
Simon Bolivar
A cuadillo can best be described as
Military dictators who ruled Latin America during the 1800's
The aztecs were a...
Warrior people
What were the three obstacles to unity during the Latin American revolution?
1) Terrain or geography
2) Creoles stay on top.
3) Role of the Church.
What was the monroe doctrine?
A document in 1823 saying that any european interfearance and affairs in latin america wil be considered an enemy of the US.
What were the causes of the Latin american Revolutions?
1) Inqeuitable Social system
2) Taxation
3) enlightened ideology.
4) Napoleon's invasion of spain.
What were the four reasons Cortez was able to take over the Aztecs?
1. Small Pocks.
2. Technology.
3. They thought they were gods.
4. Help from neighboring tribes
What were the four reasons pizarro was able to take the inca empire?
1. They thought they were gods.
2. Technology.
3. Incas were not following orders
4. Fighting amongst themselves
What was the class system in Latin America?
1. Peninsulares: From spain or portugal given land and slaves. Held all positions in government.
2. Creoles: Born in latin america, Children of Peninsulares.
3. Mestizos: mix of indian and european blood. Majority of the population
4. Mulatos: A mix with a slave.

missionaries kept the mestizos and mulattos in order by converting to christianity.
Alexander Hamilton
He was a federalist and a loose constructionist
-One of the writers of the federalist papers
-Secretary of the treasury
- came up with an economic plan that included the Bank of the US.
-Pushed for Jefferson in the election of 1800 when he was tied with burr.
-Shot dead in a duel with Burr
-Significant because of his contributions to get rid of the national debt and his actions for the federalist party.
Louisiana Purchase
The purchase made in 1803 of the Louisiana territory for 15 million dollars from Napoleon. Thomas Jefferson had sent Livingston and Pinckney to buy the new orleans territory but they were offered the entire Louisiana territory because Napoleon was preparing to attack Britain. It is significant because it more than doubled the land under the US.